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Alaska Volcanoes
Arizona Volcanoes
California Volcanoes
Idaho Volcanoes
New Mexico Volcanoes

Oregon Volcanoes[edit]

Aspen Butte[edit]

Bald Mountain Caldera[edit]

  • Wood pp.204-205

Battle Ax Mountain[edit]

Belknap Crater[edit]

Belknap Volcanic Field[edit]

  • Wood, p. 182

Big Hole (Oregon)[edit]

Black Butte (Oregon)[edit]

Black Crater[edit]

Boring Lava Field[edit]

Broken Top[edit]

Brown Mountain[edit]

Crater Lake[edit]

Davis and Black Rock Vents[edit]

Devil's Garden Volcanic Field[edit]

Diamond Peak[edit]


  • Wood pp. 189, 191
  • One of the references here is from the CVO and that sole source of that material is Wood. This should be changed to an attribution to Wood in a future update.

Forked Butte Flows[edit]

Four Craters Lava Field[edit]

Gray Butte[edit]

Hamner Butte???[edit]

High Cascades[edit]

Mount Hood[edit]

Jackies Butte[edit]

  • Wood p. 211

Mount Jefferson[edit]

Jordan Craters[edit]

Lava Mountain[edit]

Maiden Peak[edit]

Mount McLoughlin[edit]

Middle Sister[edit]

Moffitt Butte[edit]

Newberry Caldera[edit]

Odell Butte[edit]

Pelican Butte[edit]

Potholes Flows[edit]

Rodley Butte[edit]

Round Butte[edit]

Saddle Butte[edit]

Sand Mountain Volcanic Field[edit]

Silver Creek volcanic field[edit]

  • Wood p. 207

South-Central Oregon Volcanics[edit]

  • I have no idea what this is supposed to be (I may even be to blame)

South Cinder Peak[edit]

Sprague River Valley volcanic field[edit]

  • Wood p. 196

Squaw Ridge Lava Field[edit]

Strawberry Volcanics[edit]

Table Rock Volcano[edit]

Mount Thielsen[edit]

Three Fingered Jack[edit]

Three Sisters[edit]

Tumalo Volcanic Center[edit]

Western Cascades[edit]

  • Wood p. 169

Washington Volcanoes[edit]

Battle Ground Lake State Park[edit]

Indian Heaven[edit]