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The user, BurtonTaylor2014, chooses to remain anonymous due to their academic status as double Masters and Doctor in the fields of Cultural and Literary Criticism; Film History and Critiquing; U.S. Gender Studies; Feminist Sexology; Video-Ethnographic Feminist Anthropology of Public Acts of U.S. Religious Violence and Spiritual Nonviolence; Psychology of Women; U.S. Supremacism (of every form, published or performed in public spaces).

Since U.S. Supremacism flourishes in the forms of Racial, Ethnic, Sexes, Genders, Sexualities, Religious, Political, Abilities, Body Types and Shapes, the author publishes scholarly articles in peer-reviewed academic journals and produces documentary films for university, academic and widely recognized U.S. organizations such as The Southern Poverty Law Center and offers free-of-fee assistance to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Internet Crimes Unit (in order to help stop Piracy, Fraud, Copyright Theft USPS Defrauding, False Internet Advertisement by sellers who make monetary profits by selling fake films usually created on homemade DVD-or+Rs. Millions of dollars are made through the Internet Crime of Film Piracy. Such sellers do not pay U.S. income taxes on illegal and fake items they have sold by advertising them on the Internet.

Therefore, due to the need for human subject research privacy, even if the public sphere is fair game for everybody in the U.S. to film and study; the mandate to remain anonymous online in order to conduct research into Film Piracy to assist the U.S. Government agencies that specialize in the prosecution of each of the crimes Internet Film Piracy involves, the identity of this scholar and researcher will remain private.

If Wikipedia's Founders, Owners or Board of Directors do not wish for this scholar to participate in the ongoing types of internet 'conversations' they may censor this user's page and no further voluntary participation by this user will ever be conducted again. This user only stays in online spheres where their scholarship and contributions are welcomed. There has never been an Internet space where this user's contributions or participation have been unwelcomed, censored or under-appreciated. In the event that they are at Wikipedia, the scholar will leave without ado and not return.

© Copyright 2014 BurtonTaylor2014. No copy, distribution, discussion or display other than that intended on Wikipedia for ordinary participation as a user, without my handwritten, hard copy, signed and notarized consent. All rights reserved to this page's author under the U.S. Copyright Laws for Intellectual Property.