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These are GFDL-licensed images I've taken or created. All photographs are taken by me, with my camera, and all editing done with GIMP. Graphics, line art, and other created images were also all created by me, again with GIMP. These articles may be used on any wikipedia page, or any other place, as long as the conditions of the GFDL are met.

Usually, when I take photos, I take far more than needed. For example, when taking the photos for strap-on dildo, I took about 450 photos. As such, if you'd like a photo of another angle or the like, drop me a line on my talk page and I'll see if I have it. Don't assume a photo request is too much work since I'd have to re-take it! I have lots and lots of unuploaded photos...



Drill bits and related[edit]


Hose clamps[edit]

Sex toys[edit]