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INTO University Partnerships is a British limited company that specialises in setting up joint ventures with universities. It focuses on the provision of foundation courses for international students, including English language, especially English for Academic Purposes.

It was founded and is chaired by Andrew Colin, who had previously set up Study Group, another international education group, and Embassy CES, a chain of language schools. He is an entrepreneur who enjoys excitement and adrenaline, including heli-skiing[1]. Colin has a background as a property developer . "We are not trying to make money out of the tuition fees.... INTO is going to make money out of the buildings."[2]

Under the joint venture model, the university remains responsible for educational quality[3], while INTO provides the marketing and finance.

INTO has set up joint ventures with three British universities, Newcastle, Exeter, and East Anglia. INTO's latest opening is the £30 million six-storey centre at UEA, with 415 en-suite study-bedrooms and classroom space for 600 students[4]

INTO is in discussion with at least ten other British universities. Several others have been approached and declined, following staff protests. The International Centre for English Language Studies (ICELS) at Oxford Brookes University strongly opposed INTO's approach [5], a campaign which succeeded [6]. Bristol and Southampton have also been approached and decided not to go ahead with INTO. The University of Essex, following questions from the University and College Union [7], has explained the benefits of working with INTO [8] The guarantees that INTO offers to existing staff are under dispute. [9] Andrew Colin rejects this criticism, saying "Give me three years and I will show you it is possible to create secure, well-paid jobs in EAP, and more of them."[10]

INTO reached the Parliamentary record when MP Austin Mitchell asked why it had not filed financial records with Companies House[11], as it is legally obliged to do.


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