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The name of this user is Abbas Zaidi, which started out as "Syed Zaheer Abbas Zaidi" upon birth. Born as a Scorpio, by this writing, Abbas has spent over 36 years in 8 countries on 4 continents. The user ID chosen here started out on, as a handle when he discovered all the variations of his first name were taken.

Buzzaz is a Persian word the meaning of which requires an entire story. Instead of trying to get into the etymology of the word, and its cultural connotations as they came to be on the Indian Continent, I will ruminate with the following collective of three Rubaiyat. These are in response to the teachings of the greatest Urdu poet of our time, the man known as Iqbal of Lahore, who's message inspired all of India to seek independence from their British Colonialists, and forms the foundation of the current Indian National Anthem. He is considered the National Poet of Pakistan, and among his titles the greatest is "Shair-e-Mashriq": "Poet of the East."

His final, and greatest work, is not even in the languages of India/Pakistan. Instead he reverted to the language of eloquotion of our beloved land, which used to be Farsi (Persian) throughout the Mughal Era, and it is called "Israr-e-Ramooz-o-Khudi": "Insistence on Secrets of the Self."

My collective pieces, which came in response to Iqbal's call to self-realization, are together called:

Ramooz-e-Khudi: Secrets Within.

The love of seeking Destiny =*= marks the Greatest wish in me

which DESIRE, for a better.. Future =*= created in me.

Which can be attained by us =*= 'AS U COMPREHEND *YOURSELF*

U UNDERSTEND WHAT RULES U' =*= since the beginning is WE.

What this mortal does desire =*= is to win goodness within.

What dreams and aspirations are =*= to achieve them, as we win..

Leave no mark of his own SELF =*= on a single speck of earth,

which through goodness 'found' within =*= he may not have set alight!

A conqueror of hearts and words =*= has this gripe to pick with thee.

Without the love to conquer all =*= what's the joy in what we be?

Oh 'Desirer' for thy sake =*= spoke the 'Poet Of The East'

"Raise thyself to heights so great =*= Fate my ask Thy Destiny."

These are elucidated in greater detail at