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Full name: B. Vincent Crist, PhD

Nicknames: Vince, Bin-san

From: Ohio, USA (the Iriquoi Indians called Ohio the "Land of the Beautiful" )

Born: 1953, in a hospital, not a cave

Education: Post-doc at Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA (1981-3) under Prof. Carl Djerassi. PhD Organic Chemistry in 1981 at the University of Nevada, Reno under Prof. David Lightner. BS in Chemistry at the Ohio State University. Published >20 articles on conformational analysis using CD, NMR and organic synthesis of bicyclic ketones and dienes, and 2 on unique steroids obtained from sponges.

History: Joined Surface Science Labs (1983-1986) to learn XPS (ESCA) from the experts (ex-HP scientists) who ran a contract analytical services business and also built the world's first commercial monochromatic XPS system. Moved to Japan to demo and sell XPS and AFM (SPM) systems for Hakuto Co., Ltd. & Fisons Japan (1986-1999). During my 13 years in Japan, joined the ISO TC/201 and VAMAS projects to develop documentary standards on XPS (ESCA). Served as secretary to AES subcommitte (SC5) within TC/201 committee on Surface Chemical Analysis. Wrote the basis of 2 documentary ISO standards. Assisted with various other ISO documentary standards including one dedicated to Terminology of Surface Chemical Analysis, EDX and AES. Patented an analytical technique called Laser-XPS. Built a collection of 40,000 monochromatic XPS spectra to help XPS users. Joined Surface Analysis Society of Japan to help them to develop XPS and AES database. Started and ran XPS International KK in Tokyo to develop and sell XPS software along wtih the 40,000 spectra database of monochromatic XPS spectra that I collected during those years in Japan. Sold database systems of XPS spectra databases, software and handbooks to major companies in Japan and around the world. Returned to USA in 1999 to join Ames Lab at ISU, Iowa, USA to manage AES lab and run their state-of-the-art JEOL AES 7830 (1999-2001). Published a 3 volume set of Handbooks of Monochromatic XPS Spectra through Wiley & Sons in 2001. Relocated to old stomping grounds in Silicon Valley by joining Accurel, an analytical service company. Managed their XPS, AES and RBS group until the 2002 downturn. Joined Seagate, the disk drive maker, to run their 7830 AES system and picked up 6-Sigma Brown-Belt training. Currently working for Komag, a hard disk maker running XPS, AES and ToF-SIMS.

Fields of Expertise: XPS (ESCA), AES (Auger), surface chemistry, surface chemical analysis, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, materials analysis, terminology, develop of document standards, atomic physics, electron physics, Japanese business culture

Current Research Studies Origin of fine structure constant, electron structure & theory, photon structure & theory, photoelectric effect, atomic structure, particle physics, particle-wave duality, photon propagation theory, Coulomb's law

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