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About Me
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About Me[edit]

My name is Scott. Currently I am attending community college at American River College. Eventually I would like to transfer to a four year college and get a degree in graphic design. I am terrible at talking about myself, however if you have any questions about my work on Wikipedia feel free to leave me a message on my talk page. I check my page fairly often so you should receive a reply within a timely manner.

My current project on Wikipedia is to work towards wikifying articles. WikiProject:Wikify currently has a backlog of over 14,000 articles, with only about 170 users who describe themselves as active. To clean up the backlog that is approximately 82 articles per person, not counting the 1,000 or so newly tagged articles per month! So if you want to help cleanup Wikipedia feel free to join in!

Sub Pages[edit]

A list of my subpages, so I don't have to hunt them down :)

  1. User:Bvlax2005/Sandbox
  2. User:Bvlax2005/wikirequest
  3. User:Bvlax2005/Wikify
  4. User:Bvlax2005/InterProjectWikify