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Why hello there[edit]

Welcome to my user page, here I will list project involvement, article focuses, contributions and logs.


I generally concern myself with Wikipedia's articles on drugs, chemistry, science, etc. Although I will edit any article, perform edit checks for vandalism, fix formatting, and operate a bot check.

For Myself[edit]


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My contributions and logs[edit]

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Pages created[edit]

Images uploaded[edit]

See User:C6541/molecules
For a full list of commons images uploaded see here
How I make them
Process for creating the 3D molecules is as follows:
1. Create 3D molecule in Ghemical running on Linux based on chemical 2D skeleton
2. Use auto-tool to properly arrange the molecule
3. Check molecular weight and empirical formula with Ghemical to ensure proper creation
4. Using OpenBabel export in to a PDB (Protein Data Bank) file
5. Save the project and close Ghemical
6. Using QuteMol running through WINE open the PDB file and animate it
7. Save the GIF file
8. Upload the GIF animated molecule to Wikipedia Commmons and edit the drug article to display it.
Process for creating the 2D molecules is as follows:
1. Set BKChem settings following WikiProject Chemistry's structure drawing guidelines
2. Draw molecule in BKChem
3. Export molecule as SVG


Molecule making[edit]

I make 3D molecule images for various substance articles on Wikipedia, generally non-notable ones as these ones often lack proper 3D images. My recent ones are animated and hosted on Wikipedia Commons and all are licensed for anyone to use, base work off of, present, or modify to ones will and credit is optional and not important, I mean no one actually owns the appearance of molecular structures right?

For a display of my molecules go to User:C6541/molecules

Project Memberships[edit]

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WikiProject Socialism.
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Thanks for making File:4-MMC 3D.gif it really adds to the mephedrone article, any chance of making more for other articles? Smartse (talk) 17:20, 29 November 2009 (UTC)
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Hey. Nice work at Levomethamphetamine, you did a fabulous job correcting that reference. I missed that entirely. Face-smile.svg Meteor sandwich yum (talk) 00:22, 23 March 2014 (UTC)

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