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Hello, my name is Codie Cepon and I am a Junior Environmental Studies major at Bucknell University. I have an interest in environmental policy, and would like to learn more about the history of the subject before I apply my knowledge to modern day issues. This is where I am hoping that studying the History of Ecology will come in handy.

Research Article

Aquaculture We learned in class that contrary to popular believe several years ago, the ocean is not an unlimited resource for fish. There have been certain restrictions put in place by the US Fish Commission that limit the amount of fishing that can be done due to this fact, however, there is still some debate as to whether or not these restrictions were the best option as we discussed in class. Therefore, I would like to research more on aquaculture to find out how we can stray away from hunting and move on more towards farming fish and other useful marine animals.

I have posted my bibliography for the research I will be doing on the Aquaculture Talk Page. I also made a comment noting my intentions to research this subject and create a more complete version of the article that already exists.