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Nobody is born wanting to put on lipstick.

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I practice andragogy and use socioconstructivism.

CJ Withers is an American-born professional translator, language instructor, and sociolinguistics researcher. He currently lives in Madrid, Spain.

Intro blurb[edit]

A native of the New York City urban area, CJ Withers grew up with a passion to learn others' languages and to teach his first language. His fascination with the cultural, political, economic, and identity-based diversities of his multilingual environment in New York would later inspire his sociolinguistic inquiry.

American English being his first language, he is fluent in French - the language in which he conducts his daily life. He is often mistaken as a European French-speaker by some Quebeckers and as Québécois by the French, Swiss, and Belgians. Thanks to extended visits for both work and study, he is very well-acquainted with Paris, France, and Saint Petersburg, Russia.

University education[edit]

In 1993, he obtained his B.A. from Drew University, where he majored in French Language, Culture and Literature while minoring in Russian Language. His coursework, however, reflects more a degree in Modern Languages given that he also studied in Linguistics, Spanish, German and Italian. In response to the total lack of Quebec-related courses within his major, he pursued an independent study on Quebec Literature highlighting the culture, history, and identity crisis of its Francophone population.

In 1998, he completed a Certificate in French to English Translation from New York University's School of Continuing and Professional Studies. In the same year, he moved to Montreal, Canada to began coursework in the M.A. in Linguistics (Language Teaching Track) at UQAM (University of Québec at Montréal). As with his B.A., he took a broader approach to his M.A. studies and completed courses not only in didactics but also in theoretical linguistics and sociolinguistics / sociology of language. He was forced to abandon his program to care for a family member injured in the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. He is currently preparing his thesis to complete the Ph.D. in Linguistics at Complutense University of Madrid.

Professional background[edit]

Having worked both in the public and private sectors, CJ Withers is currently an autonomous language instructor, a free-lance translator and an independent researcher in linguistics.

Research interests[edit]

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