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Computer science/Physics[edit]

Political science[edit]




As in the userboxes, plus:

"Doesn't matter" results[edit]

Given A and B, D is fixed without regard to C. Alternately: if D varies with C, then ¬(A and B).

Characterization/Impossibility results[edit]

Top algorithms of the 20th century[edit]

Barry A. Cipra, The Best of the 20th Century: Editors Name Top 10 Algorithms, SIAM News, 33:4.

  1. Monte Carlo method, 1946
  2. simplex method for linear programming, 1947
  3. Krylov subspace iteration methods, 1950
  4. decompositional approach to matrix computations, 1951
  5. Fortran optimizing compiler, 1957
  6. QR algorithm, 1959–61
  7. Quicksort, 1962
  8. fast Fourier transform, 1965
  9. integer relation detection algorithm, 1977
  10. fast multipole algorithm, 1987

Pages I made[edit]

Among others:

  1. Chocho language
  2. Eggon language
  3. Manam language
  4. Shubi language
  5. Coatlán Zapotec language
  6. Landau set
  7. Peyton Young
  8. Duggan-Schwartz theorem
  9. John H. Smith (mathematician)
  10. Karatsuba algorithm
  11. Quasitransitive relation
  12. Saraveca
  13. Double exponential function
  14. ALL (complexity)

Total or near-total rewrites[edit]

  1. Tradable (old)
  2. May's theorem (old)
  3. Dickman-de Bruijn function‎ (old)

Working pages[edit]


This section is for my note-taking and random links.