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☢ This user enjoys Cabbage In soup, Corned Beef, and Fish Tacos
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US Libertarian Party
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Nintendo 64
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Hey there Wikipedians. My name is Lloyd Pepper (Not to be confused with the Muppet Floyd Pepper). I am the son of Larry and Carl Pepper, gay lovers. My real parents' names are Amanda Hug and Mike Rotch. I live in the state of Illinois, which contrary to popular belief, does not mean I live in Chicago. I am an organic farmer and I worship cabbage. The cabbage religion was invented by Leonardo Da Vinci. There are two main groups of cabbageism liberal and conservative. Long live the conservative Pope of Cabbageism, Pope Slaw XVI! I am Libertarian and a member of NORML and Quilters For The Legalization Of Pot, QFTLOP. I love answering questions about my religion, so if you are curious, please tell me on my talk page.