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I am an American who was raised in the Sonoran Desert and on the beaches of California, and lived for many years in Denmark. I admit to being a reference junkie. My Wikipedia activity began years ago with anonymous edits. In April 2008, I registered this account and have been bumbling around these pages, portals, projects and virtual back alleys ever since. Outside, in the real world, I work as a writer and science educator. In here, I am an administrator and contribute mostly to copyright violation investigations. I am also active in the Film Project, especially articles related to Danish Cinema. However, I'm just as likely to wander into any article relating to my experiences as a son, a student, a cadet commander, a space cadet, a beach boy, a busboy, a waiter, a chemist, a bum, a marine biologist, a divemaster, a husband, a father, a journalist, an author, a school teacher, a traveler, a gardener, a genealogist, a daydreamer, etc., etc., etc....

... Ironically, being called a "User" used to be a pejorative -- but here on WP, it ain't a bad thing at all.

Credits: I would like to thank The Random Editor for the design of this page, and Sergay for her modifications.
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Articles I've created or significantly ruined written

Abby Williams Hill‎ | Alice O'Fredericks | Amin Jensen | Andrew Murray | Anna Whelan Betts
Anne Louise Hassing | Art Stevens | Asta Nielsen | Astrid Villaume
August Blom | Axel Graatkjær | Bessie Pease Gutmann | Bodil Ipsen | Brian Potter | Carl Erik Soya
Charles Chusseau-Flaviens | Dagmar Hansen | Ebba Thomsen | Eiler Larsen | Eliana Benador | Else Højgaard | Emanuel Gregers
Ethel Franklin Betts | Eva Gram Schjoldager | Frank Cuprien | George Beranger | George C. Read | Gerald May
Graeme Hammond | Grete Frische | Gull-Maj Norin | Henning Carlsen | Henrik Malberg | Hugh Dempsey | Ib Schønberg
Ida Orloff | Inger Stender| Jacqueline Ceballos | Jerome Caja | Jessie Maple | John Hulbert | John McDermott | John Olsen
Lawrence Paul Elwell-Sutton | Lau Lauritzen Jr. | Lee Eyerly | Lila Zali | Line Arlien-Søborg | Lise Nørgaard | Marguerite Viby
Mildred Shay | Morten Korch | Nils Malmros | Olaf Fønss | Peter Elfelt | Peter Schønau Fog | Roald Als | Sarah Ratner
Sidse Babett Knudsen | Steven J. Dick | Sven Methling | Svend Unmack Larsen | Tove Maës | Trine Dyrholm
Walter Bentley | William E. Riker | Valdemar Psilander | Vibeke Hastrup | Zintkala Nuni

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