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Please support wikEd

Please support wikEd by helping to fix the following browser and MediaWiki issues.

  • Firefox:
    • 579763, 579760 Cursor/caret disappears (07-2010)
    • 1016372 Space lost when deleting text (05-2014)
    • 926230 Space at end of line not styled (10-2013)
    • 543204 Focus after search (01-2010)
    • 926164 Editor deletes blank before inserted block element when converting to text (10-2013)
    • 458524 Automatic syntax highlighting would interfere with undo/redo. The only reason why wikEd does not have automatic syntax highlighting. (10-2008)
  • Webkit/Chrome:
    • None.

This page explains how to install and to create translations for the MediaWiki editor wikEd.

List of existing translations

The following existing translations are automatically loaded, following the default language of the respective wiki. Please see below for how to continue a no longer maintained translation.

Language Code Link Translator home English user page Comment
English en User:Cacycle/wikEd international en.js Cacycle Cacycle
Afrikaans af User:Arnobarnard/wikEd international af.js Arnobarnard Arnobarnard
Arabic ar User:ترجمان05/wikEd international ar.js ترجمان05 ترجمان05
Bengali bn User:আফতাবুজ্জামান/wikEd international bn.js আফতাবুজ্জামান আফতাবুজ্জামান
Chinese (simplified) zh, zh-hans User:CAS222222221/wikEd international zh.js CAS222222221 CAS222222221 previous version was maintained by Shibo77 (Shibo77)
Chinese (traditional) zh-hant User:Liflon/wikEd international zh-hant.js Liflon Liflon previous version was maintained by Quest for Truth
Croatian hr User:SpeedyGonsales/wikEd_international_hr.js SpeedyGonsales SpeedyGonsales
Czech cs User:Sevela.p/wikEd international cs.js Sevela.p Sevela.p
Dutch nl User:Jeronevw/wikEd international nl.js Jeronevw
Esperanto eo User:Tlustulimu/wikEd international eo.js Tlustulimu Tlustulimu previous version was maintained by Arno Lagrange
Finnish fi User:Ejs-80/wikEd international fi.js Ejs-80 Ejs-80
French fr User:Leag/wikEd-fr.js, main page, help page Leag Leag
Galician gl User:Toliño/wikEd international gl.js Toliño
German de User:PerfektesChaos/wikEd international de.js PerfektesChaos PerfektesChaos previous version was maintained by Matthias_M. (Matthias_M.)
Hebrew he User:שמוליק/wikEd_international he.js שמוליק שמוליק
Hungarian hu User:Tsch81/wikEd-hu.js hu:User:Szerkesztő:Tsch81 Tsch81 user Csörföly D renamed to Tsch81
Italian it User:Jalo/wikEd international it.js, main page, help page Jalo Jalo
Japanese ja User:Hatukanezumi/wikEd international ja.js, help page Hatukanezumi Hatukanezumi
Kazakh kk User:Arystanbek/wikEd international kk.js Arystanbek Arystanbek work in progress
Korean ko User:Ilovesabbath/wikEd international ko.js Ilovesabbath Ilovesabbath
Lower Sorbian dsb User:Michalwiki/wikEd international dsb.js Michawiki Michalwiki
Malay ms User:Aviator/wikEd international ms.js Aviator Aviator
Minangkabau min User:Iwan Novirion/wikEd international min.js Iwan Novirion Iwan Novirion work in progress
Norwegian no User:Dvyjones/wikEd international no.js Dvyjones Dvyjones
New Norwegian nn User:Frokor/wikEd international nn.js Froko Frokor
Persian (Farsi) fa User:Reza1615/wikEd international fa.js Reza1615 Reza1615 also ZxxZxxZ
Polish pl User:Konradek/wikEd international pl.js konradek konradek
Portuguese pt User:He7d3r/Tools/wikEd international pt.js He7d3r User:He7d3r previous version was maintained by Mosca
Romanian ro User:Roamataa/wikEd international ro.js Roamataa
Russian ru User:IGW/wikEd international ru.js IGW IGW
Sicilian scn User:Meloscn/wikEd international scn.js Melos Meloscn
Slovak sk User:Helix84/wikEd international sk.js Helix84 Helix84
Slovenian sl User:Eleassar/wikEd international sl.js Eleassar Eleassar
Spanish es User:Doblecaña/wikEd_international_es.js Doblecaña Doblecaña previous version was maintained by Krusher (Axelei)
Swedish sv User:Where next Columbus?/wikEd international sv.js Where next Columbus? Where next Columbus?
Turkish tr User:Vito Genovese/wikEd international tr.js Vito Genovese Vito Genovese
Upper Sorbian hsb User:Michalwiki/wikEd international hsb.js Michawiki Michalwiki
Urdu ur User:Obaid Raza/wikEd international ur.js Obaid Raza Obaid Raza
Vietnamese vi User:Vinhtantran/wikEd international vi.js Trần Vĩnh Tân Vinhtantran


In general, it is not required to explicitly install a translation. wikEd automatically detects the language settings by checking the variables wgUserLanguage (user preferences) and wgContentLanguage (wiki default language) and loads one of the above existing translations.

It is possible to force another translation by adding the following line to your User:YourUsername/common.js page:

var wikEdConfig = {};
wikEdConfig.languageDefault = 'en';

Replace 'en' for English with the respective language code and click Shift-Reload to update after saving your edit. This also works to explicitly define the language for older MediaWiki installations which do not send their language settings.

On wikis that have no connection to the internet you have to install the following code on your User:YourUsername/common.js page:

var wikEdConfig = {};
wikEdConfig.translations = {
  'en': ''

Replace 'en' with the respective default language of the wiki (check the source of a wiki page for wgContentLanguage) replace the translation address. Click Shift-Reload to update after saving your edit.

Alternatively, you can add a translation the old fashioned way as follows:

// install the English translation for [[en:User:Cacycle/wikEd]]
+ '&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript');
var wikEdConfig = {};
wikEdConfig.loadTranslation = false; // do not try to automatically load a translation

On older non-Wikipedia wiki installations please use instead:

// install the English translation for [[en:User:Cacycle/wikEd]]
document.write('<script type="text/javascript" src="'
+ ''
+ '&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript"><\/script>');
var wikEdConfig = {};
wikEdConfig.loadTranslation = false; // do not try to automatically load a translation

Replace with the respective translation address and click Shift-Reload to update after saving your edit.

Translation guide

You are encouraged to translate wikEd into other languages. Here is a how-to:

  1. Copy the English example translation from User:Cacycle/wikEd_international_en.js. You can also continue a no longer maintained translation.
    • Please do not translate the comment lines starting with "//" in order to make maintenance easier
    • Please turn wikEd off on the the translation page in order to preserve the indention tabs
    • The first string is the internal text name and must not be changed
    • The second string after the colon is the text to be translated
    • The button alt text is displayed only when the button images are not available—it should be as short as possible
    • The button title text is the popup tooltip text hat appears upon hovering over a button
    • Every line beside the last one ends with a comma
    • Every ' character has to be written as \'
    • Do not change the {wikEd...} parts as these are dynamically replaced
    • Missing translations are displayed in their English built-in version
  2. Save the translation under the following link: User:YourUsername/wikEd_international_xx.js (replace xx by the language code of your translation). If you do not already have an user account on the English Wikipedia please create one. It is essential that the translation page name is in your personal userspace and ends in .js for security reasons so that only you and administrators can edit it. For the same reason you must use a strong password for your account! If you start from an existing translation, please link to that original source in your edit summary.
  3. Load your translation into wikEd by adding the following code to your User:YourUsername/common.js page:
// install the (Language) translation for [[:en:User:Cacycle/wikEd]]
 + '&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript');
On older non-Wikipedia wiki installations please use instead:
// install the (Language) translation for [[:en:User:Cacycle/wikEd]]
document.write('<script type="text/javascript" src="'
 + ''
 + '&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript"></script>');
Replace User:YourUsername/wikEd_international_xx.js by the actual page name of the translation (or replace the whole web address if your translation is not on Wikipedia)
4. Update your installation by pressing Shift-Reload
5. Check for JavaScript errors in your browser's error console (under Tools). Commonly, errors are caused by missing or wrong commas, semicolons, or parentheses.
6. Optionally: You can check for missing translations by temporarily adding the following code to your User:YourUsername/common.js page:
var wikEdConfig = {};
wikEdConfig.showMissingTranslations = true;
7. Please post a note to the wikEd discussion page in order to add the translation link into the program code and to update this page

Updates and changes

Usually Cacycle will add changes directly to the translation pages in English so that you can update your translation. Please check into your English Wikipedia account from time to time for updates to be translated.

Language-specific settings

The following language-specific settings can be added to your User:YourUsername/common.js page. Click Shift-Reload to update after saving your edit.

  • Use French rules for the punctuation fixing button Fix punctuation:
var wikEdConfig = {};
wikEdConfig.fixPunctFrench = true;

AutoWikiBrowser RegExTypoFixer

Common typos can be fixed using AutoWikiBrowser RegExTypoFix rules. wikEd uses the English RegExTypoFix rules by default. To enable the feature and to switch to a different translation add the following lines to your User:YourUsername/common.js page:

var wikEdConfig = {};
wikEdConfig.regExTypoFix = true;
wikEdConfig.regExTypoFixURL = '';