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Founded in 2008, Namecast is a provider of advanced global Domain Name Service (DNS) traffic management solutions. The company is headquartered in New York, New York.

Namecast provides customers with Global Anycast DNS Deployment, Active Failover and Global Load Balancing, Geodirectional Traffic Management, and CDN Load balancing and Failover, as well as disaster recovery plans and uptime requirements for global application service.


Namecast was founded in July 2008.

After two years of development and testing the proprietary GSLB (Global Server Load Balancing) platform was launched in March 2010.

Namecast released an upgraded platform in August 2010. New features include:

  • Advanced CDN load balancing
  • Pro-active application monitoring
  • Geographic filtering


  • Global Anycast DNS Deployment

Namecast uses advanced IP Anycast routing technology to direct customers to the Namecast Point of Presence closest to them. Namecast works with multiple carrier neutral colocation facilities around the world and redundant uplinks to several Tier 1 network carriers to increase reliability.

  • Active Failover and Global Load Balancing

Namecast has monitoring probes located around the world to test content servers. The monitoring agents check content availability based on Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), HTTP, HTTPS or TCP monitors, and load balance or fail over between resources based on the result.

  • Geodirectional Traffic Management

Geographic DNS solutions to direct customers to the content closest to them.

  • CDN Load Balancing and Failover

CDN Load Balancing services offer configurations for failover and load balancing between Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers, which allow users complete control over content delivery. Customization includes standard GLB monitors, time of day, or download speeds. Customers can be sent to CDNs in different regions to maximize performance and availability.


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