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NeverAlone has been run by the past bands some of the members had since 2010. Before NeverAlone was formed there were 2 members in the band Caleb.V (Guitarist) and Caleb.J (Drummer) who started there own project of being a cover band,Then as the months went by they added Kenny.H as there Rhythm guitarist and Blake.H as there Bassist. As they progress there way into the band getting songs down they decide to name there band "As DayLight Dies". Before they had there first Gig they released there Rhythm guitarist for personal reason, but they still played there first gig as a 3 man band. After they played there first gig there bassist moved to Florida a couple days after. After a month of the band decide to add Kaje.J (Drummer's brother) as there new Guitarist and decided to add there former Guitarist Kenny.H as there new Singer/Screamer. After a year as the band goes by they created there "Unknown" Single, They didn't finish making there new Album as excepted but they still continue to play more music.

In 2012 "As Daylight Dies" Broke up and went there separate ways, And Caleb.V went back to his old band and made it his main priority "As I Burn". In a year with the band being broken up Caleb.J Asked there former guitarist Caleb.V to join back and make a new band. After Caleb.V found a new singer "Brandon" for the band and convinced Kaje.J to join back in the band. Caleb.J found a bassist "Jose" and they were a new 5 man band. After they created there new single "Bring Me Back To Life" they decide to name there band at there first gig "Guardians of a broken heart" after 3 months of being a band they found there former screamer Kenny.H and decide to be a 6 man band. Also they recorded there single in the Studio to release it to there fans. A couple weeks after being a band they released there 2 band members Brandon and Kenny. They decided it was to much to handle.

In 2013 Caleb.V went off on his own and started a new band with his friends from a town away named "NeverAlone"