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  • Hey there, im Liam (from New Zealand, born 1996) and I am a beginner wikipedia member. I am also a journalist and singer as well, known for my Youtube Channel. I edit, post and make pages like other wiki members. Im not to be harmful nor offensive threw pages, but I find as much as possible information online or other iformation i find and post it.

I do not try to create Vandalism in any wikipedia articles. My goal is to just feature information that I have found out from anything necessary. From my previous users, I have done a lot of problems by adding alot of pages that do not meet requirements, or are for self-promotion. But I was younger than.

Because Im more mature, I want to contribute to pages I enjoy reading or editing. As a result back in New Zealand, im mostly known for singing and journalism. I minorly make articles about singles I have made, however!!!... Since I have read the criteria source of Wikipedia:Notability (music), I will only post my own songs that requires theses information and notification. I also create articles threw WikiProjects... Which are up-and-coming articles that may be posted threw worldwide names or just independent names (See "Pages I have made"). I also help out articles which have rather the following;

  • Very little information. It needs to require the infiormational source of Wikipedia:Notability (music). It also needs to have perfect structure, spelling, format and grammar.
  • If it has been misinterpreted. I've seen alot of articles that say mostly e.g. (Sound of the Underground has also charted in New Zealand, Switzerland and Australia) where, it obviously hasn't. It needs to be checked often.
  • If it doesn't have obvious information. There are some articles that don't have the things rather about a country (like a charted single or so) and thats fine, but I search very publicy known websites, with the official information. It needs to be checked often as well.

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