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Angus Bella Vista

Angus Bella Vista is the pseudonym of American screenwriter and film maker Joshua Doane. Born in Foxboro, Massachusetts on December 6th 1980, Angus Bella Vista relocated to Long Beach, California in February 2010 to pursue a career as a screenwriter and film maker. Angus is the son of Marla (nee McElhenney) a social worker for the Pine St Inn, and Barry, a painter for Raytheon. Angus attended Foxboro High School and has a degree in English and Philosophy from Boston College. Angus is a practicing Irish Catholic and an avid supporter of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous recovery programs.

'Early Years 1980-2003

Angus was born December 6, 1980 at Norwood Hospital in Norwood, Massachusetts to Barry and Marla Doane. He is the oldest of three children. Angus began writing comedy at a very young age when he wrote his parody list which included short, crude stories and Top Ten List which were usually very raunchy in nature. Angus had difficult time in school very early on and was often sent to the principal's office and on some occasions sent home. This continued throughout grade school and into high school for Angus. Although Angus's behavior was a cause for concern his poor attendance and low GPA were more of a concern to his parents. Angus started smoking marijuana around his freshman year in high school and was drinking heavily by his sophomore year. As his drinking and drug use become more prevalent his grades became so bad he was told he was to repeat his senior year in order to graduate. Angus subsequently quit high school and attained his G.E.D. After receiving his GED Angus enrolled at Bunker Hill Community College where he Studied English Literature and Creative Writing. After two years on the Dean's list Angus Transferred to Boston College where he received his BFA in English and Philosophy. It was during his time at Boston College Angus was living in Brighton, Massachusetts and drinking and using cocaine on a regular basis, which he was later quoted "I never would have made it through college without cocaine, no doctor would prescribe me aderrol so I took matters into my own hands."

Zebra Ink Incorporated, and Substance Abuse

After college Angus focused more on his writing with writing partner Chris Waite. Together Angus and Chris penned their first screenplay "That's My Bong" about a two best friends living in Boston, one of which is raped by a clown that turns out to be his real father. Angus and Chris continued to write several other short stories but never completed another screenplay together due to Chris joining the Army. At the time Chris enlisted in the Army, he and Angus we're putting together ideas for a second length screenplay called "Wrinkles the Shar Pei" based on Chris's family dog. The came up with the idea when Angus and Chris would talk Wrinkles for a walk they would get stoned and come back to Chris's house and write. Around 2001 Angus started experimenting with cocaine and painkillers after a accident resulted in a broken foot and he was prescribed percocets. As Angus started drinking and using more, his writing started to show more of an emphasis on psychedelic and melancholy subjects. This resulted in the 2003 short story "The Night I died in Avocado Heights, California" A story about a man who induces pscadelic mushrooms and ends up getting mauled by a bear he tries to walk home from Lake Arrowhead to Avocado Heights. The story was a warning sign to a lot of his friends and family but Angus insisted it was nothing and returned with the short subject screenplay "Homo Finger" which chronicled the every day life of a completely hetero sexual man with one gay finger. In late 2003 Angus penned "Fucking Up a Grown Up in a Dysfunction" about his mother's extra marital affairs and his parents subsequent separation. The story chronicled his life growing up in Foxborough and his families many trips to Upstate New York to visit his family on his mother's side where his mother first affair took place. The book also talks about how his parents hid information from him about a legal adoption in 1988 when Angus was in the third grade. It was never brought up to Angus or talked about until one night while drinking with his father, girlfriend and a family friend, the family blurted out a comment about his "real father" Irate over not being told, Angus acted out but after a while accepted the news and has since considered Barry to be his natural father. The story also talks about another affair his mother was involved in while Angus was living away from home in Quincy, Massachusetts with his girlfriend. In the story Angus talks about how his father caught his mother in both affairs and how it "tore this entire family apart from the inside out. We have never been the same." Distraught and becoming increasingly strung out Angus moved to New Smyrna Beach, Florida to stay with family. While in New Smyrna Beach Angus was again marginally employed due to his drinking and heavy use of cocaine and marijuana. It wasn't long be


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