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Other stuff

  • Policy basis for admins to impose sanctions on unblock and instead of blocks
  • Cases I drafted:

Useful stuff[edit]



Talk pages

{{Blocked talk-revoked-notice}}

{{Inappropriate comment}}

{{Calm talk}}




IP talk pages


{{OW}} OR {{Old IP warnings top}} {{Old IP warnings bottom}} OR {{Warning archive notice}}

{{Static IP}} {{ISP}} {{Shared IP}} {{Dynamic IP}} {{Shared IP address (public)}} {{Shared IP edu}} {{Shared IP corp}} {{Shared IP gov}} {{Mobile IP}} - {{SingNet}}

{{Repeated vandalism}}

{{anonblock}} {{schoolblock}}




User:Mlpearc/Workshop: whole heaps of useful things - such as messages to use for ACC

User:Shell Kinney/Boiler: whole heaps of useful messages to users

Category:1RR-related templates

Category:Editnotice templates

User:Callanecc/Files: collection of icon templates


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Wikipedia vandalism information
(abuse log)

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Low to moderate level of vandalism.


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