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I go by the pseudonym Cambrant, and have been a Wikipedia editor (actually more of a wikignome) since 2006 or so. Unfortunately, I tend to get stuck almost manically cleaning a bunch of stuff up which can become huge projects here on Wikipedia. It's just too bad I'm not that neat in real life. Though reading Wikipedia is one of my many hobbies, I seldom come across articles that I feel I have the knowledge to improve. Hopefully that's going to change in the future, as long as all you other editors just take it easy for a while and stop being so awesome. It puzzles me how much knowledge people can scrape together if they cooperate. Anyway, more original content is on its way from me in a bit, as soon as I learn the ropes concerning citation, fair use, copyright and all that jazz.

Also, if I happen to ruin something for someone, I'm sorry. I probably didn't mean to. Feel free to drop me a message with your concerns, and I'll try my best to improve.

Articles I've started so far[edit]

  1. Broder Daniel
  2. Simone Mareuil
  3. Jim Sharman
  4. Info-14

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