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All-purpose editor. A ten year veteran that does it all. Aside from his quality editing, he helps new users on Wikipedia's live IRC support chat, assists @ vandalism reversion work, answers OTRS tickets, manages accounts for The Wikipedia Library, and writes articles about the Olympics. Vast and varied, thoughtful and caring.
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All-around good neighbor
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Marshall Islands at the 2008 Summer Olympics and Marshall Islands at the 2012 Summer Olympics
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About me

Hello! I'm Cameron! I've been on Wikipedia for a while. Off Wikipedia I'm an undergrad student working on a major in History . In my free time I enjoy weight training, sport shooting, volunteering at my local theater, and reading (usually something history related). On Wikipedia you can find me working on biographies of living people, Olympics articles and counter vandalism using Huggle/Twinkle. For a list of BarnStars I've received you can see them at User:Cameron11598/BarnStars.

  • I also have an alternate account I use on public computers and internet connections I don't feel safe using my main account on. The account is User:Cameron11598(alt). This account is a legitimate alternate account used within the scope of what the Wikipedia policy on sockpuppet accounts allows.
    • My alt account was actually my first (which I forgot the password to) and was originally named Treknerd. I made my current account after I couldn't remember the password for the previous one. I stumbled upon the old account's details in an old note book and regained access after I created my current account.
  • I have created a bot account for an idea I'm working on, Bot11598. It is approved by BAG, however it is a null edit bot meaning its edits shouldn't be visible.

Contacting Me

  • If you need to contact me you can do so by;
    • Leaving a message on my talk page
    • Pinging me on a talk page by using {{u|Cameron11598}} or {{re|Cameron11598}}.
    • Using the E-Mail this user function
    • Finding me on IRC using the user names Cameron11598 or [[Cameron]]. I will always have the IRC cloak "@wikipedia/Cameron11598". You can find me in #Wikipedia-en.

Do you have a question about Oxford University Press or accounts?

  • You can leave general questions on my User Talk Page. I'd prefer if you have specific questions regarding your account to e-mail me using the Email This User function to maintain your privacy. Please make sure to use a descriptive subject line so I know what the e-mail is about. Thanks!

Wikipedia Work


Articles I have helped get to GA status:

Articles in progress


Wild Life


If you need help finding a resource to cite let me know! I have access to dozens of databases.

Wikipedia Essays

People I find Inspirational


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