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Cameron Yang (Cameron Wei-Li Yang)[edit]


He is the founder of Silent Dogwood, an influential media company known for its boring and overdone videos. He has been described by critics as a Tarintino minus the budget; however, some critics disagree and instead give the opinion that he is also a rip off Scorsese. Further he also has common characteristics with such well-known directors as Ang Lee, due to his Asian heritage and also Roman Polanski, due to his paedophilic nature. He is known for such incredibly over drawn and boring films that are typically criticised for their incredibly basic and slow storylines. His music video and documentary is representative of this basic and crap story. His music video was about zombies, an original mix some would say, but then again they do have to wear a bike helmet indoors and have trouble breathing through their noses. He made a documentary about nerds, however he forgot to include himself.


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He is a self-acclaimed writer, filmmaker, director, critic as well as an infamous ‘lad’ of the highest standards, as well as a hit with the ladies and a full time slayaaaaaaaa (of course no one other than himself has stated this and many claim the opposite of these ludicrous claims). An early seedling of his apparent ‘soon to be famous’ movie career is his dabbling in a critic of some new release blockbuster movies. Although this has come under heavy fire for its poorly written and unfounded critics it has been a constant hit for many to bully his ‘professional career’. This blog first came out under the pen name of the ‘The Yang Verdict’ however due to his own inability to make a correct decision on a rating system or even grammar, many others have joined his leagues and it has been renamed ‘The Verdict’.


He thinks joggers and jeans are cool and he likes to accompany that arrangement with an oversized Duke of Ed t-shirt. Many a critic have bullied his obviously over done fashion however he claims to be a ‘trend setter’ and a ‘tots mad lad’ and gets all the ladies because of his ‘unique’ fashion and ‘hot bod’.


He friendzones sooooooo many chicks, self-acclaimed of course. The only exception is an alleged ‘girl’ he met through ‘Hot or Not’ who will remain nameless, naturally many suspect this to either be an 80 year old women or his right hand. However contrary to his claims many have taken note of his undeniable inability to acquire a girlfriend, or even a friend who does not hate him. However his relationships can be summarised in his quote that “boys and girls can’t be friends, they can only be boyfriend and girlfriend”.

Popular videos[edit]

By far his most popular video to date is his most unoriginal one, which probably speaks volumes about his artistic talent. This is of course his Django Unchained montage to the tune of freedom by Anthony Hamilton, receiving an undeserved 188,000 YouTube views! Many critics claim this is the crucial evidence for Yang’s undeniable fandom for the famous director Quentin Tarintino.

YouTube ‘sensation’[edit]

He has released a grand total of 6 videos with another in the making on his ‘hit’ YouTube channel ‘Silent Dogwood’. Many being stuck on the 300 view mark which Yang claims is just a side effect of the mass amount of views permanently breaking the YouTube view count, it is more likely he has spammed the refresh button a couple of times himself. A complete and utter hit with the public was his music video of taken back, although many have been heard laughing at the heartbreaking scene of the lead actor losing his arm in his gruelling challenge. However, this is not the biggest flaw in this flop of a production, cars can be seen driving in the background of the apocalypse setting as well as filming equipment visible in multiple shots. The cherry on the top of this turd of a film is that he emulated his beloved Tarintino by casting himself in one of the roles. The short film currently under development is “Dead Presidents” who’s only notable actor is George Londy, who is sometimes referred to as sex appeal in physical form and a drop dead stunner.

Future Ambitions[edit]

Currently planning a movie about… I’m going to stop here, no one really cares.

The List[edit]

…maybe not.


Mr. Yang’s achievements can be best summarised through these quotes from the general public after being asked about Cameron Yang’s famous and dubious career-

“I don’t know who that is but he sounds like a total creeper”- anonymous
“I was friendzoned by him…”– every girl ever
“who’s that?”– Nat Savage
“sorry? Did you just say Tarrintino?…okay, I have no idea who that is”- Steve N Tagat 
“haha no but seriously I have no idea who that is, I know you guys are just playing around, stop it”- Cameron Yang’s mother
“rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I like him. He good. He my frieeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnd *obscure noises and drooling 
 from the mouth*”- the only fan of yang’s work; anonymous