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Attribution is a great thing in most cases. Sadly, for neologisms, it causes major damage to the article. When it comes to neologisms, put up with consensus; it's the best someone can do. Starting wars over attribution (Like User:NeoFreak on Vorarephilia) is unacceptable. His claim that he will revert all somewhat non-attributable (to "reliable" sources) is an example of non-admins playing admin, which I think is a mockery of actual admins and just damages the community. In such situations, call in some real admins, okay?


Simply put: ALL diagrams on WP should be SVGs. GIFs and PNGs can easily be converted to SVG, while JPEG can't because of compression artifacts. I will tag any bitmap diagrams because you need to go vector.

Ignore all rules[edit]

Use it liberally to lengthen articles. I've tried using it on Vorarephilia, but the aforementioned n00b doesn't let me. Lengthening articles does not mean filling them with BS, it means filling them with consensus-based content. Please don't ignore copyright rules, because that can get you into a lot of trouble.