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Template stolen from Bluefist, who stole it from Chzz, who stole it fromJennavecia. Yes, I'm a filthy no-good very bad thief.

Shiny Things

Barnstar of Reversion2.png The RickK Anti-Vandalism Barnstar
You've been beating me to reverts for a couple days now. Keep up the good work! SQLQuery me! 13:25, 30 April 2008 (UTC)

Barnstar of Reversion2.png The RickK Anti-Vandalism Barnstar
For fast reverting and edit conflicting me so many times, I award you this barnstar :) AVandtalkcontribs 14:20, 1 May 2008 (UTC)

Barnstar of Reversion2.png The RickK Anti-Vandalism Barnstar
For your work with vandal fighting today, I, Sharkface217, hereby award you this barnstar. Keep up the awesome work! --SharkfaceT/C 20:00, 3 May 2008 (UTC)

Barnstar of Reversion2.png The RickK Anti-Vandalism Barnstar
Thank you very much for reverting vandalism on my talk page. Very appreciated. NHRHS2010 |  Talk to me  20:09, 5 May 2008 (UTC)

Barnstar of Reversion2.png The RickK Anti-Vandalism Barnstar
I love birds, and here's a barnstar for protecting the Toucan :) and for those lightening-speed vandal reversions that you achieve with no false-positives, and it takes a lot for that! Cheers... Prashanthns (talk) 17:20, 8 May 2008 (UTC)

Working Man's Barnstar.png The Working Man's Barnstar
For Your never ending work on Wikipedia, I award you the Working Man's Barnstar! Great Job! DarkZorro 20:51, 12 May 2008 (UTC)

I am so proud of this one ;-) --CanadianLinuxUser (talk) 18:15, 13 May 2008 (UTC)

WikiDefender Barnstar.png The Defender of the Wiki Barnstar
Since this user loves you so much, how can I not give you this to spread the love all around? J.delanoygabsadds 18:10, 13 May 2008 (UTC)

Barnstar of Reversion2.png The RickK Anti-Vandalism Barnstar
To be fair then, you equally deserve a barnstar as you have been faster then me quite a few times and you are a very active vandal fighter. 11407 edits this May alone?!! Wow - quite impressive. Keep going! Rror (talk) 18:42, 27 August 2008 (UTC)

Barnstar of Diligence.png The Barnstar of Diligence
Just droping in to say kudos on all the hard work youve been doing vandal fighting, wikipedia needs more vandal fighters like you! Ottawa4ever (talk) 19:01, 27 August 2008 (UTC)

Barnstar of Reversion2.png The RickK Anti-Vandalism Barnstar
For all your excellent efforts in cleaning up vandalism by IP users. Tohd8BohaithuGh1 (talk) 21:25, 23 September 2008 (UTC)

Wow, you own WP:AIV today, here's a cookie.

--res2216firestar 16:59, 26 September 2008 (UTC)

Barnstar of Reversion Hires.png The Anti-Vandalism Barnstar
Here's a wonderful barnstar for your anti-vandalism efforts! I'm Canadian too, so if you look behind the barnstar you'll see a maple leaf painted on it - can you see it? No? Hm, guess Wikipedia's 2-Dimensional world doesn't help. Oh well, have a good day! K6ka (talk | contribs) 00:57, 28 January 2014 (UTC)