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Welcome To My Alternate Wikiverse

Hello! My name is Denise and I'm a bit of a newbie here in Wikipedia. I'm not one to run around this encyclopedia changing facts or augmenting links without probable cause. I just like to make sure everyone keeps the facts straight.  I really don't like vandalism and I do take the time to revert and report vandals. I am also against anonymous editing. I feel that if you can take the time to edit, you can take the time to get an account. Simple as that! I also believe in assuming Good Faith when editing. I hate sockpuppeteers and with a passion, especially those who don't take the time to register and use dynamic IP's! I can make some examples, but it would take up all of the page.

I'm just a Jersey Girl whose interests consist of avoiding people who have a penchant for making others miserable, admiring people who take the initiative to make a progressive constructive change in this world, absorbing knowledge, looking toward the future with a healthy attitude, and living with the never ending hope that ignorance won't be the factor that sends a storm to drown my home. I really don't think that it's too tall an order. I am a forty year old college student who returned to school for the first time since I was nineteen. I really do appreciate it more now than I did back then. For any other information about me, just ask or look at the userboxes adjacent to this text.

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