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Welcome, I guess I'm fiddling with enough things I should put something here these days. My name is Kevin but I answer to many things as it seems rare for people to call me by that.

I tend to jump from article to article a lot. I'll often try to clean up anything I spot as I go although sometimes I end up far from my starting point and start to leave things alone a bit more.


I seem to be flitting around various motoring/engineering subjects lately. I'm mainly trying to clean them up a little, lots of links that need attention and inconsistent spelling happening.


Where it all started. I come from the Essex countryside (in fact from a rare Essex hill) and have a lot of interest in the area. I'm currently working on filling in some basic details of those "low importance" stubs for the villages in the area. I'm mainly interested in the neglected villages and hamlets but will venture into the big towns every so often.


I seem to be going for some easy targets here too.

Red Links[edit]

I try to do something about Red Links when I see them. Quite a few are just typos, others need turning into a stub at the least.


Yeah I'm one of those annoying people who obsess about spam. I deal with it a lot in my day job and my mind enjoys the challenge so I like keeping things here nice and clean. I try to err on the side of caution but once something is in my sights I can be fairly dogged. Given the effort I put into this research if you don't understand my edit I'd appreciate if you talked to me instead of simply reverting it, there's a chance I've seen something you haven't. If you still disagree afterwards then fair enough, but please do assume I have enough of an idea what I'm doing that it's worth discussing first.


I find vandalism quite boring but I seem to spend a lot of time looking into it. Notable Residents can be vaguely interesting as you get to research whether someone's actually notable in a field you don't come across often, but random stuff is tedious and uninteresting. Anyway, I'll tend to try and keep an eye on a subject if I feel confident about spotting the subtler acts of vandalism or if the article is likely to be neglected by others. Which means my watchlist is growing...