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Just a seventh grade editor interested in speculative evolution and palaeontology.Lusotitan (talk) 17:38, 12 April 2014 (UTC)

"Important" edits[edit]

  • Tsintaosaurini (Wrote (Was Redirect.).)
  • Aralosaurini (Wrote (Was Redirect.).)
  • Parasaurolophini (Wrote (Was Redirect.).)
  • Lambeosaurini (Wrote (Was Redirect.).)
  • Brachylophosaurini (Wrote (Was Redirect.).)
  • Edmontosaurini (Wrote (Was Redirect.).)
  • Kritosaurini (I'll get around to finishing that soon.)
  • Plesiochelys (Wrote/"Created".)
  • Rhabdodontidae (Wrote Classification section.) (I might get around to finishing that article.)
  • Lourinha Formation (Currently doing a large expansion by me.)