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I started out mainly as a user rather than an editor, just adding bits and pieces if I saw something I knew more about than was in the article. More recently I've developed an interest in expanding Wikipedia's coverage of topics that interest me, but I still read far more than I write.

First edit: 18 November 2004 to Blackadder.
500th edit: 19 November 2006 to Rise of the Cybermen.
1,000th edit: 14 May 2007 to HMS Speaker (D90).
Current edit count

The Signpost
16 January 2018

The Seafort Saga[edit]

I'm (very slowly) trying to improve Wikipedia's coverage of this series of science fiction novels- books, characters, other stuff, etc. It may not be as popular as Star Wars or Star Trek, but I like it so I'm going for it. Anyone who's read the series please have a look at the articles and add to them if possible.

Existing articles[edit]




Possible Future Articles[edit]

  • yeah, I know, it needs a better title. Suggestions welcomed- the battles of Challenger's Hope

The War of the Spanish Succession[edit]

An interest of mine, which I intend to start adding bits and pieces to, specifically the campaigns and battles of the 1st Duke of Marlborough