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I used to be a part-time Wikipedia dabbler; I edited where I had an interest or whim. I would have preferred to stay anonymous, but found that creating pages as an anonymous user was difficult, so I registered. Anonymous users have contributed greatly to Wikipedia and should not be marginalized; to impose a blanket ban on anonymous contributions is counter to the spirit of Wikipedia.

Where have I gone?[edit]

I have a life. I'm not actively editing articles; in fact, I've pretty much sworn off editing Wikipedia, even though I continue to use it from time to time. That isn't the whole story, though.
1) Jimbo's been abusing his powers. The fact that he oversighted several diffs so he could win an argument was unmanly, wrong, and a sign that this project is run by someone I want nothing to do with.
2) The censorship parade. Paranoia over fair use has moved beyond reasonable caution into outright senseless deletionism. The GFDL is great - in fact, I expressly disallow relicensing of my contributions - but claiming that only GFDL and public-domain material is acceptable is lunacy. Then there's the fallout over the publicgirluk disaster, the Muhammad images censorship parade (WHAA! WHAA! I'M OFFENDED! WHAA!), and other such nonsense. If I wanted censorship on the level of Wikipedia I would have to walk into some of the most restrictive Southern libraries; the fact that the occasional crawl through the AN archives makes me long wistfully for the near-fascist librarians of Florida speaks very powerfully to me.
3) AfD. Administrators should really be saying "Wait... no," to deletion attempts more often. Deleting over notability when WP:V and WP:NPOV are met or are not hopelessly FUBARed continues to be silly.
4) The relicensing affair. Congratulations on managing to cut off most of the free content on the Internet there.

I'm not saying that the Wikipedia experiment is over. Far from it. But the fact is that Wikipedia has become such a pain in the arse to be involved with that I truly can't be bothered, and {{sofixit}} deserves to be dismissed with a hearty NO. There are more important things to do with my life than to engage in some quixotic crusade against an entrenched community.

Citizendium, for that matter, isn't an alternative. As I told Larry Sanger flat out, it's a project for elitists, by elitists, and of elitists - people who consider people without their multiple Ph.D.s below them. Most of them are people who were banned from Wikipedia for acting stupid on a gross scale. Three days on even the main, non-secret Citizendium mailing list should tell people that.

So... yeah. I'm not going to be around much; if I do anything, it'll be something very minor. No more whole-article rewrites; no more wasting time on the hell that is AfD. I have life to live.

Articles I kludged together[edit]

I've written the following articles:
List of minor Farscape characters (merge and rewrite of several other articles)
Iron Heroes - I'm especially proud of this
Voice of America Jazz Hour - Everything but the title
Golomyanka - The article had a title and a single source. I filled it out as best as I could.

Articles I've substantially rewritten[edit]

Dominar Bishan - which I merged into List of minor Farscape characters and rewrote
Victoria, Guyana
Thomas Hora
Engel (role-playing game) - Everything but the material on the German version

Projects to keep an eye on[edit]

Wikipedia:Dead-end pages
Varjak Paw
A Deepness in the Sky
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