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Writer and Amateur photographer concerned with themes related to Venezuela.

Currently working on the memory of a country that tends to easily forget its people, achievements and misdeeds. /Sandbox

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Hans Arp (Cloud Shepherd) and Mateo Manaure (Mural), Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas

Congress of Angostura, 1819

Simón Bolívar

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva[1]

Constitution of Venezuela

Venezuelan constitutional referendum, 2007 "Article 230" Venezuelan constitutional referendum, 2009 "Article 230"

Articles I started[edit]

Carlos Raúl Villanueva

Manuel Caballero

Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas

Manuel García Pelayo

William H. Phelps, Jr.

Eugenio Mendoza

Alejandro Otero

Pedro León Zapata

Luis Tascón

Mission Florentino

Norberto Ceresole
Alfredo Peña

Orlando Urdaneta

Fina Torres

José Antonio Delgado

Lorenzo Campins y Ballester

Juan David García Bacca

Adolf Ernst

Gaston Diehl

Fermín Toro

Juan Nuño

Federico Riu

Quispe Sisa

Federico Chabod

François Jullien

Carmelo Elorduy

Juan Cobo

Miroslav Marcovich

Werner Jaffé

Walther Kranz

Other Wikipedias[edit]

fr:Université Centrale du Venezuela de:Universidad Central de Venezuela it:Università Centrale del Venezuela

Significant Contributions[edit]

Central University of Venezuela

Armando Reverón

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