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Grammar Nazi icon.jpg Welcome to the Wikipedia user page of Carbon6.

After a long period of inactivity, I am back on Wikipedia! My mission is to fix as many asteroid stubs as possible and eliminate bad grammar.

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Why I am Carbon6[edit]

Carbon, the 6th element on the Periodic Table of Elements, is a uniquely useful element. In stars, it is an important part of the CNO cycle. It is the sole component of several useful materials, such as graphite, diamond, amorphous carbon, and carbon nanotubes. Its contribution to our normal lives can be reflected by the contributions of the users to Wikipedia. Those users are what makes Wikipedia so great, just like carbon does in our lives. I am not usually philosophical, however. I am just the entity who haunts asteroid stubs.

My Creations[edit]

These are articles created by me. More often, I am busy making major improvements to asteroid stubs.

Articles I Have Created[edit]