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About me: I was born and currently reside in the United States. I am of Caribbean heritage with my most recent family lineage passing through the island nations of Barbados and the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

I have spent considerably amounts of time in both the Caribbean and United States and as of November 2002, I obtained dual-citizenship officially, in Barbados and the United States.

I'm a native speaker of English. I have acquired some knowledge of French, and more recently Chinese. I'm open to acquainting myself with more languages as the opportunity arises.

My primary area of expertise is Politics, studying the structures of governments around the world, Technology, and working with Computers. (More to come later.)

I started off on Wikipedia focusing on articles related to the Caribbean region, however I've since increased my knowledge and concentrations about wider topics on this encyclopædia and have expanded into other areas. I'm normally around in my free-time, which is slim between work and school.

My first edits on WP were as: IP# on 29 December 2004, I've since signed up for this ID on or about January 05, 2005.

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Created: Grantley Adams International Airport


Created: Android  • BlackBerry World  • Office suites

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  • [Template:Lists of countries]

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