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“The man of life upright, whose guiltless heart is free, from all dishonest deeds, Or thought of vanity.” Carmelo Cerrelli a man in his late thirties is considered to be amazingly great in social marketing. He was born in Canada in the year 1978. A man who is living his life in solitude just with the company of his dog who is considered as his only family has a life quite filled with colourful rendezvous. His life is an entertaining stage fulfilling the desires of the meddling spectators in it. He is a man withholding honor and trust in its grasp.

He is quite known to develop and integrate marketing concepts with other approaches to influence behaviors that benefit individuals and communities for the greater social good hence is known to be born for ruling the fields of social marketing with great leaps and bounds. Social marketing uses the benefits of doing social good to secure and maintain customer engagement and he practically rules that field as well and relishes in the feeling as well. He knows how to combine ideas from commercial marketing and social science and use it for his own advantage.

He uses his combination of ideas as a proven tool for influencing behavior in a sustainable and co-effective way. His goal is always to change or maintain how people behave and not what they think or how aware they are about an issue because that is what social marketing is all about. He fully understands his targeted audience and sees things from their perspective clearly. He is completely assured about what he would like his targeted audience to do. His policies are known to be realistic and achievable and far away from the fake and non-viable ones.

Carmelo Cerrelli has worked hard as an IT manager in order to achieve the platform he is standing on right now. He has managed all of the information technology resources in accordance with the needs and priorities and by resources tangible investments like computer software, hardware, data centers, networks and data centre facilities are pointed. The central aim of IT management is to generate value through the use of technology and he is quite aware of the ways of satisfying the concepts, ideas and definition of IT management itself. He make it achievable by aligning or the more better word would be mingling business strategies with technology in a grip so strong that one might not be able to distinguish one from another.

Carmelo Cerrelli a name working wonders in the field of IT management and social marketing has turned into quite an eye catching personality what with his up-beating style and ways. He understands the managing of data completely and opts to work accordingly in a refreshing manner. His style in social media is quite unique what with his influencing behavior. Carmelo Cerrelli keeps his goals crystal clear and tends to keep them alive no matter what the consequence because that is how he leads his life in a relishing manner.