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Improving Wikipedia since March 2013[edit]

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  1. Carwile (Surname)
  2. Phil Robertson
  3. Si Robertson
  4. Willie Robertson
  5. Jase Robertson
  6. Banjo Music
  7. First Baptist Church (Panama City, FL)
  8. Sam McQuade Sr. Softball Tournament
  9. Covenant Christian School (Panama City, FL)
  10. King Creole
  11. Chester Fritz
  12. Excel Therapy, LLC
  13. Nintendo Support

User Information[edit]

Hi there, this is Carwile2! I try to be a dedicated editor of this encyclopedic work, and feel free to notify me should you have any concerns to address with me! I will try to create pages according to portal needs and personal interest, and edit them in order to make them more complete. I am becoming more experienced with Wikipedia all the time, and my aim is to make people "Happy, Happy, Happy"! Carwile2 (talk) 16:41, 21 May 2013 (UTC)



While I am mostly busy doing things in real life (priorities are important, and this is certainly not near the top), I will check Wikipedia most days. My most inactive day will most likely be Sunday, for Church is of way higher concern than Wikipedia.

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