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Born in Torrence, California, I grew up in Gardena until I was 6 years old. In 1990, my family and I moved up to Southern Oregon, where they reside to this day. After graduating from North Valley High School in 2003, I moved a little further North to attend college at the University of Oregon in Eugene, where I lived with my then-fiancė for 4 years. After receiving my BA in psychologyand then getting married, I moved again to Hillsboro for graduate school to get my doctorate in clinical psychology at Pacific University.

I got involved with Wikipedia just recently and found it to be a great source of information. I was exstatic when I found that I could actually contribute what knowledge I do have to others. I tend to focus my time on Smallville related projects (especially character pages) and any other DC comics site that may need revising, updating, or removal of vandalism. I wish I had more time to devote to Wikipedia, but for now, it will just serve as a hobby of mine.

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