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User Page for caspianix

  • Why I am bothering to write this mini-biography:

I have just contributed to Wikipedia and thought I should explain something of who I am in case people read my contribution and have a need to understand where I am coming from (kind of like trying to find the meaning behind why a composer writes certain song lyrics I suppose?!)

  • Why I decided to contribute to Wikipedia:

I have been an ardent fan and user of Wikipedia for a long time now, and just thought I may be able to humbly contribute a little something back to the community of Wikipedia. As for why I chose to contribute to this particular topic, I suppose it was an issue that I thought really not many people understood, and so I might be able to help in this discussion.

  • Why the rather boring format of this page (and for that matter, why the reluctance to say more about who I am):

I am unsure as to how my first post will be received (I contributed to a discussion page on the neutrality of an article about a prominent leader in the Catholic Church), so I am going to be cautious about what I type in this user page ... at least until I'm sure that I won't be harassed by anyone wishing to berate me out of the goodness of their hearts ... or consciences. I do hope that my posts will be seen as constructive and respectful. I certainly have no malicious intentions. I do, however, wish to speak truthfully about matters dear to me.

  • So, a little bit about myself then:

Seeing as my first post is about a Church-related personality, I shall be glad to share that I am a Catholic Christian, and fortunate (and blessed!) to work in Church ministry as a lay person. My tertiary qualifications include a BA, Dip Ed, BTh (through a variety of Catholic and Ecumenical institutions).

  • If you've gotten this far, you might as well read this addendum:

I hope this background is helpful to you (if anyone is reading this at all) and gives some credibility to what I have contributed, and also to my genuine intentions to contribute constructively to Wikipedia.

Pacem, ~caspianix

Caspianix (talk) 15:00, 18 March 2009 (UTC)