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Caspiax is the allonym for me, a male born 1963 in Finland, living in Sweden since 1966. Finland is bilingual, and my whole family is Swedish speaking. Unfortunately I can not speak Finnish at all. Spanish and Portuguese I understand a little.

I have been editing Wikipedia, especially in Swedish, since the beginning of the Millennium. I have been working much with Religion, History, Science Fiction and Geography, and some Sport. In English version of Wikipedia I try to correct clear errors and add a second and third view on headwords which are described unilaterally. But that is not accepted in the same way as in many other languages. One example is the descriptions of prophets/founders of newer religions. Even if I add many sources which questioning the official version of a prophet's life and personality, my text is reverted within a few hours. Once I wrote about a religion founder who may have been taught the basics when he visited a holy city during one year in his early twenties,, but then later claimed that he never had studied religion and that he had got all knowledge by revelations. All my changes in the article were reverted.

Next big project is to create more pages about Indonesia in Swedish. So much information is missing about this big country, where I have been living 1.5 years. I am also married to a woman who is a direct ancestor to the kings of the Mataram kingdom. Her mother grew up inside the palace area in Solo, and I didn't know that her mother's family is so special the first years of our marriage, since that was something she didn't want to talk about. The Indonesian republic has 200 million people and a long, colorful history. The country has numerous of great authors and a rich culture and an unique nature. But in Scandinavia Indonesia is so anonymous so people usually forget that there is something between Thailand and Australia. That means that I have to write about Malaysia and Philippines too.