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I joined Wikipedia in 2009 after making a number of anonymous edits on various articles to do with the English music hall. It was then that I became interested in the life and career of Stanley Holloway and extended his article (even though he is not strictly from the music hall era) to FA status. I have always thought that as an entertainment, music hall was under represented at FA level so I decided to make the subject more obvious. I have since achieved that goal by earning the big, top-name performers of the period, Dan Leno, Marie Lloyd, Little Tich, and George Robey, gold stars.

Aside from my interests in the English music hall, I'm also keen on British comedy from the mid-20th century. Along with SchroCat, a great editor who I met through Holloway a few years ago, I helped bring the likes of Peter Sellers, George Formby, and John Le Mesurier (among many others) up to FA status. We both continue to share this interest and will hopefully work together on many more articles in the future. To aid my research, I have access to many valuable websites including the Dictionary of National Biography, the U.K version of, and the British Newspaper Archive. If I can help you by accessing any of these subscription only websites, please let me know.

Away from writing, I try to take part in as many peer reviews as I can and frequently pop-up at FAC. I tend not to stipulate on what kind of article I review, although the shorter the better as real life can dominate my time. Away from Wikipedia my interests include classical music, architecture, going to the theatre, old cars, of which I own two (one of these and one of these), and collecting film and theatre memorabilia. I live in on the outskirts of London, work in English law, and I'm in my 30's. If you have any questions, issues or advice about my contributions, then please leave a message on my talk page or through email using the function on the left.

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