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Anarky is

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As a lesser known character in the DC universe, Anarky has a small library of stories, which is not as big as more popular DC Comics characters. Between 1989 and 1996, Anarky was mostly written by Alan Grant in Batman-related comics. In the late 1990s, Anarky entered a brief period of minor importance. This began when a limited series, Anarky vol. 1 was published in 1997. This was followed in 1998 with the Batman: Anarky collection. In 1999 Anarky was featured in his own comic book series, Anarky vol. 2. After the cancellation of the ongoing series, Anarky lapsed into obscurity for nearly ten years. The character made a featured appearance in a 2008 issue of Robin as part of an effort to return the character to regular publication.

Comic book series

  • Anarky 1 (1 – 4) (May – Aug, 1997), New York City, NY: DC Comics
A limited series comprised of the "Metamorphosis" storyline.
  • Anarky 2 (1 – 8) (May – Dec, 1999), New York City, NY: DC Comics
Anarky moves to Washington, D.C. to wage war against the United States government. The series was financially and critically unsuccessful, and was canceled after eight issues.


A trade paperback collecting five stories featuring Anarky in various "Batman" related comics between 1989 and 1997.

Notable stories

  • "Anarky in Gotham City" Detective Comics (608 – 609) (Nov – Dec, 1989)
Anarky attacks criminals in Gotham City. The first appearance of Anarky.
  • "Anarky" Batman: Shadow of the Bat (40 – 41) (Jul – Aug, 1995)
Anarky and Batman fight a terrorist Anarky has accidentally funded. The two part story arc reveals Anarky's origin story.
  • "Metamorphosis" Anarky 1 (1 – 4) (May – Aug, 1997)
Anarky tries to free people from all social problems. The four-part limited series gives Anarky new abilities and philosophy.
  • "The Sins of the Father" Anarky 2 (8) (December, 1999)
Anarky seeks the truth of his parentage and learns the Joker may be his father. The controversial final issue of the Anarky ongoing series, it has been neither confirmed nor refuted since its publication.
  • "Search For a Hero" Robin 2 (177 – 182) (Aug, 2008 – Jan, 2009)
The role of "Anarky" is stolen by the General, while Lonni Machin is recast with a different name, "Moneyspider".

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