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Brain Rules Ch.3 Summary

 This chapter is called wiring, every brain is wired differently.  When people learn something new the wiring of the brain changes. I learned that what you do in life physically changes what your brain looks like. The brain acts like a muscle, the more activity you do, the larger and more complex it becomes. DNA possesses genes that guide everything from how tall you become to how you respond to stress. One interesting fact that I learned was that putting DNA in your nucleus is like taking 30 miles of fishing line and stuffing it into a blueberry. As neurons learn they swell, sway and split. About 10 percent of students do not have brains sufficiently wired to read at the age at which they are expected. I would consider myself part of that 10 percent.   No two people’s brains store the same information in the same place. Regions of the brain develop at different rates in different people. The brains of school children are just as unevenly developed as their bodies. Our school system ignores the fact that every brain is wired differently.  Therefore it’s harder for some students to learn. Remember rule # 3 our brain is wired differently.  I found this chapter interesting I learned all of this new information I didn't know about. Therefore my brain in now wired different than before.