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My name is Jonathan (M. Finegold Catalán), and I am a citizen of both the United States of America and the Kingdom of Spain. I come from an eclectic background: my mother is Spanish, while my father is a mixture of German (mother's side), Irish (mother's side), and Israeli (father's side). I have lived the majority of my life in the United States; roughly, two-thirds have been lived in the United States, while the remaining third I have lived in Spain (including between 2007–2008).

I became an official editor of Wikipedia on December 12 2005. I am not sure what kind of edits I made early on, but the first two major articles I worked on were Second Battle of Kharkov and T-26. I worked on both until nominating them as featured article candidates. As my first major article, Second Battle of Kharkov did not make the cut—at first, poor citations, and later poor prose and insufficient citations. My first featured article was T-26, featured on January 15 2007—not bad, only just over a year since my official registration. Nevertheless, I went on a long "wiki-break" thereafter, returning only by May 2008. Between May 2008 and January 2009 I worked on and successfully promoted thirteen articles to featured article class. These promotions, as well as a featured picture and a featured topic, earned me two coveted awards: the WikiChevrons with Oak Leaves and Military Historian of the Year (2008). Unfortunately, I burnt myself out and between February 2009 and September 2010 I embarked upon a hiatus.

This long wiki-break has allowed me to re-orient my interests. I moved on from my former hobby of military history to my profession, economics. I return to Wikipedia hoping to synthesize the two—focusing on the economics of the Austrian school of thought and Spanish military history. While planning to take it slow for the remainder of 2010, I hope that 2011 can be as fruitful for me as 2008—my objective: twenty-four featured articles. I also plan to partake more in the behind-the-scenes work of WikiProject Military History—especially peer reviews, good article reviews, and a-class reviews.

I also write at Economic Thought, a blog that deals with economics, political science, and history.

Jon M. Finegold Catalán
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Featured Articles
  1. Featured article star.svgWikipedia-logo.png AMX-30: (A-class review on 14 December 2008; Featured on 21 December 2008' Main Page on 28 September 2010)
  2. Featured article star.svg AMX-30E: (A-class review on 20 August 2008; Featured on 29 September 2008)
  3. Featured article star.svgWikipedia-logo.png Arena Active Protection System: (A-class review on 21 December 2008; Featured on 31 December 2008; Main Page on 9 August 2009)
  4. Featured article star.svgWikipedia-logo.png Battle of Khafji: (A-class review on 5 November 2008; Featured on 22 November 2008; Main Page on 13 August 2011)
  5. Featured article star.svgWikipedia-logo.png Leopard 2E: (peer-reviewed on 18 June 2008; Featured on 15 July 2008; Main Page on 16 February 2012)
  6. Featured article star.svgWikipedia-logo.png Lince: (peer-reviewed on 8 June 2008; A-class review 28 June 2008; Featured on 28 June 2008; Main Page on 28 December 2010)
  7. Featured article star.svgWikipedia-logo.png Operation Uranus: (Featured on 20 January 2009; Main Page on 19 May 2009)
  8. Featured article star.svgWikipedia-logo.png Panzer I: (peer-reviewed on 9 March 2007; A-class review 7 August 2008; Featured on 23 August 2008; Main Page on 21 February 2010)
  9. Featured article star.svgWikipedia-logo.png Rheinmetall 120 mm gun: (A-class review on 28 November 2008; Featured on 14 December 2008; Main Page on 5 August 2010)
  10. Featured article star.svgWikipedia-logo.png Richard Cantillon: (peer review on 25 September 2010; Featured on 5 October 2010; Main Page on 30 October 2010)
  11. Featured article star.svg T-26: (peer-reviewed on 15 January 2007; A-class review 1 February 2007; Featured on 3 March 2007)
  12. Featured article star.svg TAM: (A-class review on 15 August 2008; peer review on 29 September 2008; Featured on October 13 2008)
  13. Featured article star.svgWikipedia-logo.png Tanks in the Spanish Army: (A-class review on 22 November 2008; Featured on 3 December 2008; Main Page on 5 February 2013)
  14. Featured article star.svgWikipedia-logo.png Verdeja: (peer-reviewed on 29 May 2008; A-class review 7 June 2008; Featured on 13 June 2008; Main Page on 26 September 2008)

Featured Topics
  1. Cscr-featuredtopic.svgSpanish Tanks: (Tanks in the Spanish Army, Verdeja, AMX-30E, Lince & Leopard 2E)

Featured Images
  1. Featured article star.svgUStankParis-edit1.jpg: (Featured on 19 November 2008; An M-8 "Greyhound" armored scout car of the US Army passes under the Arc de Triomphe after the liberation of Paris in August 1944.)