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Catfish Jim and the soapdish

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I'm Catfish Jim and the soapdish. Yes, it's a dumb name... I didn't anticipate making more than a handful of edits when I registered. I attempted to change it to something marginally more sensible but for some reason this upset some people, so the soapdish stays.

I've been editing Wikipedia since October 2007. After a couple of years concentrating entirely on content creation and editing, I found myself increasingly involved in countering vandalism and in areas such as New pages patrol and Articles for deletion. I have had Administrator rights since a successful RfA in May 2011. I am open to administrator recall on the basis of these criteria. I also have an alternate account, The soapdish and Catfish Jim, for use at public computers, where security may be an issue.

I'm primarily a content editor, and links to a fair amount of my work can be found here. Most of my work has been on towns and settlements in the eastern central lowlands of Scotland and the history of Angus and the surrounding area, concentrating on the early medieval period.

Also interested in Judo, not only in the practice of it as a martial art, but also in its history and philosophy. From time to time, I dabble in improving music articles, particularly those of Scottish bands. I periodically work on introducing articles on some of the notable Glasgow bands of the last 20 years that have thus far avoided Wikipedia, and participate from time to time in rescue of articles about Scottish bands that have been tagged for deletion.

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