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Hi, I'm Chris Bogart. I'm also cbogart but it won't email me the password, so I can't get back in to that account. I'm a student at Oregon State University. More about me

I'm using this as a sandbox[edit]

Here's a link to the band, Tool.

Headline text[edit]

--Cbogart2 04:34, 22 August 2005 (UTC)

Deterministic DEVS and Non-deterministic DEVS[edit]

Let and be two arbitrary sets. Then function is called deterministic if give an , the values of callings at different times are identical. Otherwise, is called non-deterministic.

A DEVS is called deterministic if , , and are deterministic. Otherwise, is called non-deterministic.

The atomic DEVS Model for Ping-Pong Players

The atomic DEVS model for player A of Fig. 1 is given Player= such that


Both of Player A and Player B are deterministic DEVS models.