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These images are only the public domain or copyrighted images (screenshots mostly) I've uploaded. See User:Cburnett for GFDL'ed image list.

Film screenshots[edit]

Kill Bill[edit]

Requiem for a Dream[edit]

The Day After Tomorrow[edit]

The Truman Show[edit]

Jurassic Park[edit]

Pitch Black[edit]

Chronicles of Riddick[edit]



Television screenshots[edit]



The Unit[edit]

Star Trek: DS9 screenshots[edit]

Star Trek: TNG screenshots[edit]


Star Trek: Enterprise screenshots[edit]

Star Trek: Voyager screenshots[edit]

Season 4[edit]

Season 2[edit]

Season 1[edit]


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Magazine covers[edit]

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South Park screenshot contributions[edit]

South park screenshots:

Season 1
101 Image:Southpark ep101 1.jpg Cartman under alien control
101 Image:Southpark ep101 2.jpg Cartman with satellite dish
102 Image:Southpark ep102 1.jpg Mr. Garrison gun shopping
102 Image:Southpark ep102 2.jpg Cartman being pushed on stage by Kyle & Kenny
104 Image:Southpark ep104 1.jpg Sparky stealing Fifi's collar
104 Image:Southpark ep104 2.jpg Sparky refusing to leave Big Gay Al's when Stan says they'll work on making him not-gay
105 Image:Southpark ep105 1.jpg The morning after the elephant and pig make love
105 Image:Southpark ep105 2.jpg The Mr. Garrison look-alike pig?
106 Image:Southpark ep106 1.jpg Shela showing a clip of Terrance and Philip at a PTA meeting
106 Image:Southpark ep106 2.jpg Protestors slingshotting themselves at the network headquarters
107 Image:Southpark ep107 1.jpg The boys in their Halloween costumes
107 Image:Southpark ep107 2.jpg Chef as Michael Jackson dancing to Thriller (album)
108 Image:Southpark ep108 1.jpg Damien, Cartman, Kenny (as a duck-billed platypus, Stan & Kyle
108 Image:Southpark ep108 2.jpg Jesus' punch to Satan that results in Satan taking a dive
Season 9
906 Image:Southpark ep906 1.jpg Cartman pretending to fade away like he's going to heaven
907 Image:Southpark ep907 1.jpg Jimmy imagining his erection in front of the entire school at the talent show


Presidential $1 Coin Program[edit]

First Spouse Program[edit]