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Chris Culberson
Born (1971-01-21)January 21, 1971
United States Eglin Air Force Base, Florida
Occupation Writer, Researcher
Spouse(s) None

Christopher James Culberson (b.21 January 1971) is a deaf American historian, researcher, writer, idealist, educator and collector from the East Coast and Southern States. He is also called Culby was created by his friends who took of his last name and shape of a teddy bear like "Culby bear". He is known as Cculber007. He is a former stepbrother of the dancer from famous dance company, Pilobolus (dance company), a former stepson of the author of The Lines from the Times. and he is relating to Leon Culberson who was his grandfather's cousin. Chris joined as one of Wikipedians on May 2005. He wrote several articles and loaded photographes for Wikipedia. His works were New Echota, Chief Vann House, Myrtle Hill Cemetery, Adairsville, and others. His photograhes that Wikipedia Commons took into Wikipedian Archives are Adairsville's town and train depot, New Echota Historic Site, and others.

Merriam-Webster dictionary: ˈkris-tə-fər ˈjāmz ˈklə-bərˈsən, Krzysztof Jakub Kulberski (Polish), Кристофер Джеймс (Russian), (克里斯托弗・詹姆斯俱乐部唔儿子 (Chinese), Θ*Θχρηστοπχερ γιος του λεσχών (Greek), クリストファージェームスクラバソン (Japanese), 크리스토퍼 제임스 클럽아들 (Korean).

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Christopher Culberson named after his great grandfather, Christopher Columbus Culberson and James from his late mother's great grandfather James Lister. Chris born deaf in Eglin Air Force Base, Niceville, Florida. His parents are natives of Georgia. His father, Ronald, served under US Air Force during Vietnam War in Thailand and Vietnam until he was honorable discharged. He is a resident of Calhoun, Georgia. He worked for Georgia G.D.O.T as an inspector until his retirement. His late mother, Lynn Ellis Kent (1949-2010), was a resident of Adairsville when she was young. She worked many jobs as H&R Block agent and a receptionist at Georgia State Patrol before she passed away. They moved back to Georgia when I was one month old. They live in a small area called Sonoraville between Calhoun and Fairmount, Georgia. Sonoraville is well-known for Tate family history since pre-American Civil War. He has a sister, Julie born in Rome, Georgia (1973). Chris and his sister moved to Rome with their late mother where he grew more than 20 years after his parents got a divorce in 1976. He attended the schools from 1976 to 1990. Most time he lived with his late mother and late stepfather Gary William Rolfson (1945-1991) but spend some times with his father and stepmother Landa. My late mother was remarried three times including Guy Kent.


Chris support the education system strongly. As a small child, he used to read and memorize styles of kinds of encyclopedias including Merriam-Webster, Encyclopædia Britannica, and World Book. When he was a kid, he attended first school called Atlanta Area School for the Deaf (1975) before the divorce. His second school was Georgia School for the Deaf in Cave Spring, Georgia in 1976 until he graduated in 1990. He had received 13 honor roll awards, science award, "reading" award, and social science award. He was also played a football and joined boy scouts but unlike deaf children, he spent his time and young life on studying history and other subjects. He kept visited Rome, Georgia library (Sara Hightower Regional Library) where he had developed his research skills. His interests were growing up when he found about Sherlock Holmes, Titanic, Wright Brothers, and others. museums, historic cemeteries, and historic sites are his favorite places he still go. Chris is also self-educating (self-learning) on his own way.

On 1986-1988 Chris was hired by J.P.T.A. (Job Placement Training Association) as an librarian/clerk at Floyd College until his end of August 1988. He had few additional research for his interests about comedians including Three Stooges, shipwrecks (Andrea Doria) and (Lusitania) and many subjects. After his graduation at GSD in 1990, he attended Floyd College until he made a transfer to Gallaudet University in 1991 where he decided to major in a history. He has other interest as a young boy that is not just in library or classroom, he love traveling outside as "educational adventure" applied. He made visits in the United States of America by Washington, D.C. on July to August 1987 including landmarks and Gallaudet University with his mother. he also visited Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illionis, Michigan, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Maryland, Illionis, Indiana, Kentucky, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, Arkansas, Missouri and Pennsylvania.

On May 1995, he volunteered to work at Ford's Theatre for his first internship as historian and researcher. It was new exeprience for him to be a historian and researcher. He wrote several information about Abraham Lincoln, Star Saloon where Booth had his last drink before he shot Lincoln, Petersen House where Lincoln died, the Lincoln Conspiracy, and others. He also wrote history essays and research terms for his classes at Gallaudet University including 20 pages about the history of African-American Military. Hist internship was completed in May 1996 and Bachelor of Arts in History on May 1998.

Chris moved to Calhoun in same month after his B.A. degree was completed, he made several jobs until he gets a right job. The jobs he had done were Wal-Mart stationary associate May 1998 - October 2001 and Goody's Family Clothing as men's clothing associate/stockroom manager September 2004 - February 2009 when Goody's was shut down. He once had a paraprofessional position at GSD for two weeks in February 2007 until he was laid off for no reason. He also attended Coosa Valley Technical College while he worked at these jobs. He completed a data entry certification on September 27, 2006 and computer technician certification on May 2007. On October 2010, Toys R US hired him as a part time assembler.

Chris' Family History[edit]

Chris' most ancestral family came from came from England, Ireland, Scotland and Native American (Creek Indians). He is a bigger fan of genealogy and he has done researching on his own family history. He created "Ellis Family Tree" list when Ellis family came from England in 1590. Other names are Tates, Listers, Culbersons, and Halls. His family informaton has started with Creek tribes of Georgia, Robert Roy MacGregor, Reverend Stephen Ellis who was founder of Pine Log Methodist Church in Rydal, Georgia, Sonoraville Tates who were ones of freemasons and Halls who were recorded in the book called District of Bloody Eighth.. His family had been lived in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia and Colonial North Carolina before American Revolution started. After the removal of Cherokees left Georgia by following Trail of Tears, some family moved to Georgia like Ellis and Tates in 1830s. Listers are residents of Scotland. Jean is one of them that left for the United States when she met Benson Ellis after the end of World War II.

During the American Civil War, his great great grandfathers were Confederate soldiers had fought in known battles of Civil War history. Newton W. Tate (1844-1936) and Columbus Culberson (1842-1890) were in Battle of Chickamauga under same 8th Georgia Infantry Battalion before 105 years before my parents met. Tate was one of oldest Confederates that lived over 90 years old and told great stories of battles. Tate's brother, Theodore (1834-1862) used to be 2nd sarge of 21st Georgia Volunteer Infantry. died in next day after he was shot in Battle of Bull Run (Manassas) (Second). Thomas Hall (1837-1904) was in 3rd Regiment, Confederate Cavalry. He was shot in a neck during Battle of Franklin but he survived. After his war ended, he moved to Wild West in Texas for practicing as a doctor then moved to Murray County, Georgia before he died of old age. Reuben "R.F." Ellis (1840-1917), son of Rev. Stephen Ellis, was fought in several battles including Battle of Gettysburg under 18th Georgia Volunteer Infantry but he was caught by the Union troops during Battle of Cedar Creek and was taken to Point Lookout, Maryland until he was released on March 28, 1865 then went to South Carolina where he married to the woman before he returned to Pine Log, Georgia.

His family were also involved with another wars. Benson Ellis (1906-1976) joined US Army during World War II where he fought Germans in European Theatre and met Jean Lister in England. After the World War II ended, Benson returned New York City aboard the "troopship" RMS Queen Mary with other American soldiers. late Gary Rolfson's father, Jack G. Rolfson was a bomber pilot in 303rd Bomb Group that bombed Germany and other enemy countries. After the war ended, he joined Eastern Airlines as a captain (pilot). Douglas DC-3 which is displayed in National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. was one of Jack's planes that he flew. Ronald was in U.S. Air Force service where he was stationed at Thailand near Vietnam during Vietnam War before Chris born. Gary Rolfson was also in Vietnam War. He was a military police for U.S. Air Force.

The side of his late mother's were founders of the churches in the belief of Methodist. Stephen Ellis founded Pine Log Methodist Church in Rydal, Georgia before the Civil War; Benson and Jean Ellis helped to create Farmville United Methodist Church in Sonoraville, Georgia; and Benson's brother, Bugg Ellis helped to create Wesley Chapel Methodist Church that Chris and his family used to attend; and Sonoraville Baptist Church had part of our family who involved.

Personal Life[edit]

Chris is single and he is liking women. He has a lot of hobbies. He collects almost everything from books to video games and his favorite is traveling for researching, having fun, and looking for new way of style, food, and information.

During his times of traveling, his stories are often goofy for his adventures. When Chris was eleven years old, his family visited Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida in November 1980, he walked backward while he talked to his late mother until he caught himself by falling in the water fountain. He got himself wet but he had to watch Disney parade on the Main Street. After he changed his clothes to his pajamas, he did not know that he had to be at Burger King for the supper so he was embarrassed that he was wearing pajamas. On December 1990 after he left Gallaudet University for Christmas vacation, he did not know that he was in a wrong car of Amtrak. The car was for the passengers who came to South Carolina so he was alone in a vacant car until he arrived at his scheduled stop, Gainesville, Georgia. On 1993, Chris' eyes were bad for viewing because of cataracts but he had to go to Washington, D.C. for Gallaudet University. He managed to drive his car without any accidents from Calhoun, Georgia until he failed to see the view of the road (Constitution Avenue). He thought that road was led to Gallaudet University. When he realized that was wrong way, it was too late. He crashed yellow barricade fences and almost touched the stairs of U.S. Capitol. He was escorted by U.S. Capitol police officers out of their ways, not being arrested. His eyes were fixed later at Georgetown University Hospital at Georgetown, Washington, D.C.. In Spring 1993, Chris and his cycling class were on a field trip by riding bikes to around Kennedy Center and back to Gallaudet for a lesson. Chris was not very skilled cyclist so he was very clumsy. He failed to turn around few bushes and crashed into one of bushes.

Spike, Samu, Bo (not pictured),and Tate from one of bicolor cats pictures are Cculber007's seven cats including Buster "BB" Brown and Tabby, two tabby cats and Raylai (Thai cat).

Chris is a fan of many subjects. They are Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Darkwing Duck, History including American Civil War and Titanic, Lusitania, Transformers, Time Machine, Bermuda Triangle, Star Trek, Star Wars, Comic Books, Indiana Jones, Smurfs, Women, animes, mangas, computers and Television Shows. He is a lover of animals (mostly cats), junk food, movies, and women. he is a membership of History Channel Club, Gallaudet University alumni, Georgia's Native Indian Archeology, eBay Auction, and Smithsonian Institution (chapter), Mystery Guild Book Club, Columbia House DVD Club, Postal Commemorative Society and Disney Movie Club.

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