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my name is Christophe Dang Ngoc Chan, I am a French guy who mainly contributes on the French Wikipedia and likes (Wikibooks, Wiktionary). I sometimes create or contribute to articles on the English WP. I created by mistake two accounts, the other one is Cdnc, and will not be used anylonger.

Nemo of honour: for outstanding contributions in rescue-related articles

Who am I[edit]

I'm basically an engineer specialised in materials sciences, especially high temperature plasticity (6 month training for my master's degree) and high temperature corrosion (my doctorate, although I did not defend it…).

I'm a volunteer certified first responder and first aid instructor; in fact, I did not practice since 2000, but I try to stay "in tune" by collecting information about medicine and technics. That's why I know a little bit of traumatology and emergency medicine, although my true skill are limited to non-invasive technics and no drugs, no diagnostic (but situation and casualty assessment).

I was also a cinema projectionist during two years in a "Art et Essai" theater: cultural center that programs movies that are classified "Art et Essai" (art and tries ?), i.e. considered to have a "cultural interest". This usually corresponds to a personnal project of a director or an author, who are not considered just as employees of the productor.

Between 2000 and 2007, I worked for a manufacturer of X-ray diffractometers and spectrometers, in the software development team, as a technical writer, customer support, customer teacher and quality manager, in Paris. My wife moves to Le Havre, so I resigned to follow her and became teacher in mechanical engineering during four years, in vocational education (16-22 years old students). Since 2011, I am a mechanical calculation engineer (FEM).

My main contributions[edit]

In English, I contributed to the articles

See my contributions as Cdnc

See my picture gallery


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