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Hi I'm FF ([edit]

Danny Cheng was born in Hong Kong and educated in England; he graduated from Aston University in Business Administration and Computer Science. Since graduating, Danny had been working at American Express; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Colgate Palmolive etc. Later on he established his own brand – DaXxX GrouP; Established his personal website since 1997, the response was an overwhelming success from the public and the website have been interviewed by Radio Television Hong Kong and publicized by Apple Daily!

Danny has been highly devoting himself in technology development and promoting the technology is the greatest thing, which can be the best solution on improving the quality of life!

Likewise, Danny currently creating his new application; code name: FF Time Machine, the app can turn back the time and provide the concept of time travel using

My Personal Website [1] My XanGA [2] My Flickr [3] My BloGGer [4] My BloGGer.HK [5] My YouTube [6] My Twitter [7] My Picasa [8]

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