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Prose Contributions[edit]

The following are pages I created, expanded from stubs, or gave a complete overhaul:
Created:Symbol neutral vote.svg DYK:Symbol question.svg GA:Symbol support vote.svg A-Class:Symbol a class.svg Peer Rev.:PR icon.png FA:Cscr-featured.svg N.C. FA:Flag of North Carolina.svg TFA:Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg


Branstar upon semi-retirement Good Article Barnstar for James Innes (North Carolina) Good Article Barnstar for Robert Howe (soldier) Biography Barnstar for James Hogun, Jethro Sumner, and John Butler (general) Biography Barnstar for Jethro Sumner FAC Writer's Barnstar for 2nd Place finish, January 2013 MILHIST Contest Triple Crown for James Hogun (DYK), Battle of Torrence's Tavern (GA), and Fort Dobbs (North Carolina) (FAC) Imperial Triple Crown Cornflower blue Yogo sapphire.jpg WikiStripes for MILHIST June 2013 Backlog Reduction Drive MILHIST Reviewer's Award, October-December 2013 MILHIST Reviewer's Award, July-Sept 2013 MILHIST Reviewer's Award, April-June 2013 A-Class Review Medal for Fort Dobbs (North Carolina), James Moore (Continental Army officer), and Robert Howe (Continental Army officer) A-Class Review Medal for James Hogun, Jethro Sumner, and Francis Nash WikiProject Barnstar as nominee for the 2013 "Military Historian of the Year" award Barnstar of Awesomeness
For full citations, see User:Cdtew/Citations

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