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We are not the same I am a VENUSIAN!

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I’ve been privileged so far to serve the community within my capacity and it’s been a fulfilling journey. I always try to do the right thing(s) but sometimes due to normal human inadequacies my judgement isn’t always correct and unfortunately I’m not Eliane Grey-Summers hence I cant perform mind/thought reading so please if you have any grievances, questions, queries, objections, requests, inquiries and whatnot endeavor to leave a message HERE AT MY TALK PAGE and I’d be more than willing to respond.


Team Barnstar.png The Teamwork Barnstar
This is for overcoming our earlier differences for the purpose of creating a better encyclopedia. Kudos ma'am. HandsomeBoy (talk) 10:22, 6 April 2018 (UTC)

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Thanks for your new articles! — Sagotreespirit (talk) 12:37, 30 November 2019 (UTC)

Citation Barnstar Hires.png The Barnstar
Thank Celestine you are a barnstar (AFD) Summy Smart F5pillar (talk) 19:18, 21 January 2020 (UTC)

My Real Life Career[edit]

Long before I became a recluse, in my teenage years (16-19) I was an english language private home tutor and from time to time converted my home into a tutorial centre and taught the English language to high school students preparing for their West African Senior School Certificate Examinations.

From 2016-2018 I worked for Nigerian Ports Authority as a HR officer before changing my job and switching to site management in 2019 at a different organization where I worked from March 2019 - November 2019. This organization has no Wikipedia page of theirs and employed my services for nothing remotely related in any which way to Wikipedia. I resigned from the organization and returned to Nigerian Ports Authority on December 1 2019 and requested to be transferred to the ICT department. To avoid any form of COI I hardly ever edit their page except I observe a vandal vandalizing the page then I am compelled to revert the disruptive edits.

My employers (Nigerian Ports Authority) have no knowledge of me being a voluntary editor for Wikipedia and I always ensure that knowledge is hidden from them for only one reason, which is my love for my personal space & privacy. In my honest opinion I believe it is best that way.

About Me (Editing Journey)[edit]

My work so far has been centered predominantly on creating articles I have a great natural affinity for articles pertaining to Utah,(in relation to Mormonism in state of Utah), India, West Africa especially Nigeria, Religion, Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry & the Occult. (I have created 40+ biographical articles as of now) I also combat vandalism (by the aid of Twinkle and my rollbacker right I counter vandalism) I do Page reviewing via the aid of Twinkle (Although as of now I do not possess the NPP/NPR rights I spend at least 14 hours everyday at the New Pages Feed assisting within my own capacity by tagging, moving to draft, nominating for deletion and requesting speedy deletes for articles that fit any of the aforementioned categories) I perform gnomish duties by including short descriptions to articles that don’t have one

I edited Wikipedia for the first time in 2016 when I had been hospitalized after experiencing an unusual exponential growth In height & was admitted for further medical tests.

My first edit was out of sheer curiosity and it began when I clicked on the pen-like image and made a few edits then proceded to submit it after which I observed my input reflected on the page. Since then I have become a part of this wonderful collborative project.

My first year of editing (2016) wasn’t a pleasing/pleasant experience but not abysmal either. I had few misunderstandings with my co-editors and sometimes this greatly demoralized and weakened my will-power and drained my mental energy but thanks to four experienced editors who were, and are still in the same wiki project as I, I was able to learn from them on-the-job.

Positive Remarks Made About My Works & I[edit]

“Please keep up your good work. WP has a dearth of good editors handling African subjects, and we need folks like you. Very best wishes” — By Onel5969 (commending my efforts in creation of Africa-related biographies)

“So glad to see you active again Celestina007. You are one of the few female volunteers in WP:WikiProject Nigeria who are sincerely passionate towards the improvement of Wikipedia and I appreciate you for that. Even when we had our differences, I always knew you had good intentions” — By HandsomeBoy (commending my teamwork spirit and return to the encyclopedia after a year of absence)

“Your speedy deletion looks good. Your AfDs probably look good too” — By Barkeep49 (commending my efforts in successfully keeping out non-encyclopedic materials from the encyclopedia)

About Me (Informal/Personal)[edit]

My sobriquet is Quicksilver and has been so for a decade now. There are two reasons for that; the first being that he’s my favorite comic anti-hero character of all time (All Hail Pietro Maximoff !!!) and secondly because of how fast I can run in real life.

The average height for a female is 5'5" but I stand at about 6'3" due to an unusual vertical growth that occurred in me. During my 4 year course duration at college, I played basketball actively and was a member of the school team.

Of recent I have become a recluse and asides mandatory duties such as going to my place of work and basketball training I definitely would not leave my property. In my free time I publish short stories on Amazon, edit Wikipedia and practice the शवासन (savasana/shavasana) pose of death to help calm my mind.

Thoughts on Wikipedia & Wikipedians Per Editor Retention[edit]

I’ve been here for a while & probably would be for a very long time as writing is my hobby & every now & again I write & publish short stories on other platforms. Generally speaking asides my day job writing is something i enjoy doing. I believe Wikipedia is a successful project & has become the first choice for obtaining information on different subject matters for most people in the whole world. Currently there’s been a decline or stagnancy in the number of active Wikipedians & a low to average rate of new people joining this project & for some reasons it bothers the community and I feel this shouldn’t really be a problem or a real reason for the community to be concerned as from my observations I have noticed more than half of the individuals that joined & eventually abandoned this project, thought of Wikipedia as an avenue for income generation or a platform for promoting themselves or advertising their organization & products but having discovered this isn’t the case here, they abandon the project and make the final remarks “Wikipedia is a failed project” before leaving unceremoniously. What then shall we do? In my honest opinion 3 competent editors with true love for the project are more useful than 3000 editors who want to predominantly utilize this platform to create articles that promote themselves, colleagues, businesses & products. In the end I feel certain type of people, like for example: Academics, Librarians, Computer programmers/scientists, Information resource managers, Authors, Editors, Historians & Lecturers are most likely to do some good here. Per behavioral, solitudinarians also do decent jobs in this community.

List of Wikipedians That Have Directly/Indirectly Influenced Me[edit]