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How getting to know Mars over the next few hundred years will sound. Prepared to be amazed is my guess.

Husband to the beloved User:Kafka Liz, deep interested in atheism, in 80s/90/00s independent music, holy minimalism, and Prehistoric Ireland, especially standing stones. Also like pictures. Voted for Joe row and nobody else. My politics are left leaning socially, and center right economically. Brexit is a looming disaster for my local (in part) cheddar making area. Maybe we can sell the stuff to retired train robbers in Spain.

[Poorly] translated from the Irish;

I am the Hag of Beare,
An ever-new smock I used to wear;
Today, such is my mean estate,
I wear not even a cast-off smock

The maidens rejoice
When May-day comes to them;
For me sorrow is meeter,
I am wretched, I am an old hag

Amen! woe is me!
Every acorn has to drop.
After feasting by shining candles
To be in the gloom of a prayer

I had my day with kings,
Drinking mead and wine;
Today I drink whey-water
Among shriveled old hags

I am Ireland,
Older than the Hag of Beara
Great my pride,
I gave birth to brave Cuchulain

Modern Ireland
Great my shame,
My own children killed their mother
I am Ireland,
Lonelier than the Hag of Beara

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